Stephen King's 'Dark Tower' May Have a New Home with Warner Bros. & HBO

Stephen King's 'Dark Tower' May Have a New Home with Warner Bros. & HBO

Mar 12, 2012

Don't get too excited just yet, ka-tet junkies. It looks like another small step has been taken towards an audio/visual rendition of Stephen King's epic series The Dark Tower, but virtually nothing is certain at this point. We do know, thanks to Deadline, that Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, and Akiva Goldsman have been taking the project through Hollywood ever since Universal politely declined to invest. Now it looks like the media empire that includes HBO and Warner Bros. are expressing some interest in the long-awaited project.

In theory, and if everything goes according to the assumptions made in the source report, Ron Howard would direct the first movie, with Mr. Grazer producing and Mr. Goldsman as the official King adapter. The top of the wish list to play the gunslinger seems to be Javier Bardem, and based on my vague memories of the first three Dark Tower books, that seems a pretty strong fit to me. (Although I'd bring Viggo Mortensen in for an audition.) Even IF everything comes together, the production wouldn't start shooting until next year.  And if the producers' plan is to adapt The Dark Tower by way of cinemas AND cable television, well, this could be the start of something really impressive for the folks at Warner Bros., HBO and (of course) Imagine Entertainment.

Frankly I'm sort of impressed with the commitment shown by Imagine on this massive project, and I hope they find an interested production partner as soon as possible.

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