The First Trailer for David Cronenberg's 'A Dangerous Method' is Sexy, Smart and Scandalous

The First Trailer for David Cronenberg's 'A Dangerous Method' is Sexy, Smart and Scandalous

Jun 21, 2011

Michael Fassbender and Keira Knightley in Cronenberg's A Dangerous Method

We’ve been excited about David Croneberg’s A Dangerous Method since it first blipped onto our radar last year. How could we not be? One of the most interesting filmmakers around (Cronenberg) reuniting with frequent collaborator Viggo Mortensen to make a film about the turbulent relationship between Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung (played by Michael Fassbender) sounds too great to miss.

If this first trailer for the film is any indication, our initial inclinations were spot on. A Dangerous Method looks like classic Cronenberg – a tale of lust and perversion festering away beneath the veneer of civilized society with the birth of psychoanalysis providing the backdrop. Think of it sort of like a period version of Dead Ringers – only with fewer terrifyingly bizarre gynecological implements.

Empire has been kind enough to share the clip with the Internet at large, but you can take a peek at it yourself by scrolling to the end of this story. Mortensen and Fassbender look great in their parts as the two titans of psychology, plus you also get Vincent Cassel in a supporting role. The only real question mark here is if Keira Knightley can hold her own as the disturbed object of Jung’s affection who comes between Fassbender and Mortensen. If we believe the trailer, it looks like she can.

Sony Pictures Classics has acquired A Dangerous Method, which is currently in post-production. It's slated to hit theaters on February 12th of next year. That's a ways away, so in the meantime check out the trailer and let us know what you think about it in the comment section. 

[hat tip to our friends at Badass Digest for bringing this to our attention.]

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