The Conversation: What Are People Saying About 'The Five-Year Engagement'?

The Conversation: What Are People Saying About 'The Five-Year Engagement'?

Apr 19, 2012

Wednesday night the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival started off with the world premiere of The Five-Year Engagement, the latest collaboration between writer/director Nicholas Stoller and writer/star Jason Segel. From the buzz, it sounds like they've delivered another decent romantic comedy reminiscent of their Forgetting Sarah Marshall, while the wedding subject matter has people also comparing the new film to Bridesmaids.

The greatest praises appear to for the ensemble, including the chemistry between Segel and leading lady Emily Blunt and the scene stealing by supporting actors Chris Pratt and Alison Brie. One complaint seems to be that it's too long, as is common with Judd Apatow productions.

Following the red carpet event a few tweets and reviews have trickled out, including responses from Steve Guttenberg and David Wain. We'll be getting a lot more opinions over the next week, as the movie doesn't open until next Friday, April 27. 


What are people saying about The Five-Year Engagement? Here's The Conversation heard around the Internet:

Never hits the peaks of laughter Forgetting Sarah Marshall achieved but will please the team's fans while -- no penises here -- appealing to a more conservative crowd as well. - John DeFore, The Hollywood Reporter

"The Five Year Engagement" is, quite simply, an extraordinary waste of time.  And a somewhat extraordinary waste of talent. [...] The main problem I had with "Engagement" (besides a few racist jokes, horribly unlikeable characters, poor pacing, plot holes and an uneven tone) was the moral of its half-assed story. Which is basically: Settle for what's in front of you, even if its not that great. Unfortunately, that's a reputation the Tribeca Film Festival has largely had over its decade of existence. - Peter Knegt, The Lost Boy

Had "The Five-Year Engagement" been made 40 years ago, it would have had a cogent, if not exactly hilarious, joke: a loving couple thwarted by fate from ever being together. But here, they already are together: They live together, they sleep together, they share a destiny. Their lives are already intertwined, emotionally, spiritually and practically. So there's nothing really at stake except a ceremony, and consequently, there's no tension to the story. - John Anderson, Variety

If there is one thing that prevents "The Five-Year Engagement" from entering the canon of Apatow-ian modern comedy classics (a relative term of course) -- considering it has a near picture-perfect beginning and final act -- it is the distended and wandering middle that sags with trivial conflict. [...] Stoller and Segel know how to land well and steer this rambling and semi-undisciplined comedy into a winning, endearing final act of endearing that skids just outside the lines of touchstones like "When Harry Met Sally." - The Playlist

While there are some charming performances and some great set piece comedy moments, somehow this Jason Segel/Emily Blunt rom-com fails to find its right balance, and flails around for looking for laugh-out-loud moments as it tries to juggle crudeness and tenderness. - Mark Adams, Screen Daily

Likable but overstuffed [...] would have benefited from more rigorous cutting. Segel spends much of the film moping and a little of his moping goes a very long way. Blunt was game for the comic shenanigans, but doesn’t have much to play in the way of a character. - Leah Rozen, The Wrap

While "The Five-Year Engagement" sometimes get bogged down in a surplus of ideas, not all of them that work well together, it's certainly one of the more palatable relationship comedies due to the notable chemistry between Segel and Blunt and a supporting cast who are constantly stealing scenes. - Edward Douglas, Coming Soon

From the team that brought us Forgetting Sarah Marshall, I’d say this one is not as good but still holds its own. A lot of similar scenes as FSM, naturally, as well as Bridesmaids [...] I had a great time, but hoping that This is 40 is better. - BJ, Me and My Nine Iron

It was wonderful! Jason Segel, Emily Blunt , whole cast and production was superb! - Steve Guttenberg, @SGuttenberg

I laughed & thought & cried & laughed more. See it! Well done, Nicholas Stoller and Judd Apatow - David Wain, @DavidWain

Great time tonight at The Five Year Engagement premiere. Alison Brie KILLS IT! - Ben Lyons, @iamBenLyons

THE FIVE YEAR ENGAGEMENT is basically 1 WEDDING & 4 FUNERALS. - Eugene Hernandez, @eug

Five Year Engagement was so cute! Emily Blunt is the cutest thing ever. - Emily Favret, @iliveinyellow


The 5 Year Engagement was great! Hopefully people will see it when it hits theaters later this month! - Greg Pomes, @Greg_Pomes

THE FIVE-YEAR ENGAGEMENT will play for weeks if not months, and Emily Blunt moves up a level. Apatow, again! I mean it will steadily perform, a la BRIDESMAIDS, for a long time as acclaim and word-of-mouth build. - Josh Dickey, @Variety_JLD


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