Conan the Barbarian Reveals Five Badass Posters - We Help Explain the New Characters

Conan the Barbarian Reveals Five Badass Posters - We Help Explain the New Characters

Jun 08, 2011

After a sequel to the 1980's Conan fantasy series languished in development hell for years (Arnold Schwarzenegger's governor status prevented him from carrying the film forward, and a revolving door of directors and rights issues clogged the barbarian machine), the reins for the heroic sword and sorcery tale finally landed in the hands of director Marcus Nispel.
The new Conan the Barbarian film finds the Cimmerian warrior Conan (Jason Momoa) on a mission across Hyboria to avenge the death of his father (Ron Perlman) and the destruction of his village by the ruthless warlord, Khalar Zym (Stephen Lang). Along the way he does his whole drunk and horny barbarian thing – making friends and enemies, and battling monsters (who hopefully won't look too dreadful in CG). We get a peek at some of those characters in a set of five new posters featuring our lead players.

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Since his birth, Conan has been immersed in a world of violence, which is why he's completely fearless about launching an attack on the film's baddies. When casting for the Barbarian's role was announced, there was a lot of chatter about Momoa not being ripped enough to play the part, among other things. The 6'5" actor has since added some more muscle to his healthy frame and has been pulling off a similar part on HBO's Game of Thrones as Khal Drogo, total hotness and warlord of the Dothraki people.



Ron Perlman tackles the role of Conan's father, the blacksmith who leads the Cimmerians. The towering actor appears downright prehistoric in this poster image, proving he can certainly look the part of the powerful man who raises Conan and teaches him how to do battle by sword.



The role of the cruel and determined daughter of Khalar Singh was originally written as a male part, but producers were apparently impressed by Rose McGowan enough to transform the role into half-human, half-witch antagonist. Assuming Nispel and the gang keep things similar to the earlier character draft, Marique will be half-heartedly vying for a position on the throne once her father passes on.


Rachel Nichols will play the Queen's servant, bodyguard, and confidant. A curse has led her to live a fairly monastic life, and when she becomes separated from a fellow novitiate because of Khalar Singh, Tamara teams up with Conan to find her. She's also the obvious love interest.

Khalar Singh

Stephen Lang, who you'll recognize as Avatar's bad guy Colonel Quaritch, is the commanding and merciless Khalar Singh. Aside from torturing Conan's people and evading the hero, he wants to destroy the Queen of Acheron and become its hellacious, immortal king.
Do these posters get you pumped for more Conan, or will the films always be synonymous with The Governator? Watch the trailer below; Conan the Barbarian hits theaters on August 19th.


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