Check Out These Rare Shots of the Amazing Models Used for the Original 'Star Wars' Trilogy

Check Out These Rare Shots of the Amazing Models Used for the Original 'Star Wars' Trilogy

Sep 22, 2015

Star Wars Death Star model screen

Thanks to the birth of CGI, most films these days create their elaborate visual magic with the use of computers. However, before technology gave us powerful PCs, visual effects in films had to be created by hand – with skilled artists and technicians spending hours painstakingly painting matte backgrounds or building elaborate models and sets. These rare behind-the-scenes photos from the original Star Wars trilogy demonstrate just how much craftsmanship went into creating things found only in a galaxy far, far away.

There are 140 photos on display in this Imgur album from user Joinyouinthesun, and they give us a rare peek into a world many of us have never seen – a world where movie magic is created. It’s astonishing to look at some of these creations; the level of detail is simply amazing. Even more impressive is how something will look like a model in one photo, then placed in the proper context (and with better lighting) looks totally real in another. The guys at Industrial Light and Magic really know their stuff.

Creating these models was a long process that found members of the team raiding their local hobby shops for every model kit they could get their hands on. Pieces were then tweaked to fit the vision of what George Lucas and company wanted on the screen – and the results are pretty spectacular.

The most impressive of the bunch, in our opinion, is the unfinished Death Star. This close-up of the mesh skeleton of the planet-destroying weapon gives you an idea of the level of detail that went into making these models.

Star Wars Death Star model close up

Star Wars Death Star model


That same level of detail is present in these photos of a Star Destroyer – which look almost as good in a still photo as they do in the films.

Star Wars Star Destroyer model


Here’s an early build of the Millennium Falcon. Doesn’t quite look like it’s ready for the Kessel Run here, but you can definitely get a feel for what the finished vessel will look like.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon model prototype


The same can be said of this early build of an X-wing fighter.

Star Wars model x-wing prototype

Check out all 140 photos in the full album. There are tons of great photos there that we couldn’t fit here.

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