'Chappie' Trailer: The Director of 'District 9' Has a New Sci-fi Tale for You

'Chappie' Trailer: The Director of 'District 9' Has a New Sci-fi Tale for You

Nov 04, 2014

Neill Blomkamp's first movie was District 9, about a normal guy getting wrapped up in a badass sci-fi story about societal oppression filled with hard-core violence and some instantly iconic imagery. Blomkamp's second movie was Elysium, another sci-fi story about an ordinary guy who becomes a badass, using hard-core violence to fight his way through a story about societal oppression.

The trailer for Blomkamp's third movie just hit, and it may surprise you to know that it's a sci-fi story about societal oppression. However, Chappie is missing one key thing that seems to set it apart from District 9 and Elysium. It looks like a family movie.

At least going off this trailer, there are no alien plasma rifles that explode people. No one is wearing wearing mech-suits and wielding katanas. It's just a simple story about a scientist who creates a robot that can think on its own, and the world that can't handle this new form of life. Basically, it looks like Neill Blomkamp's Short Circuit.

Then again, the poster for the movie does feature a gun in front of Chappie, right next to some child's building blocks. So maybe it'll be a much more subversive story than what this trailer suggests.

Chappie hits theaters on March 6, 2015.





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