Celebrity Blogger Alert: Katherine Heigl is Now Guest-Blogging for iVillage

Celebrity Blogger Alert: Katherine Heigl is Now Guest-Blogging for iVillage

Jan 09, 2012

Ever wonder what it's really like to be a mother and a movie star, and how difficult (or easy) it is to balance both your thriving career and the changing of dirty diapers hourly. Some of us have children here, and we know how tough it is to do everything right every day forever and ever, and we can only imagine how much harder raising a child is when you're a big-time Hollywood actress traveling from state to state, country to country, movie set to movie set, month in and month out. In her debut blog post for iVillage's CelebVillage, Katherine Heigl talks about the difficulties of managing her career in front of the camera and life as a mom behind it, delivering a rare personal look inside the life of one of Hollywood's busiest actresses.

She writes, "I could not have known when I was 10 years old holding other women’s children and playing the greatest game of make-believe on earth that I would one day have to reconcile my two great loves. I didn’t realize that having it all would not look and feel as I imagined. I knew, of course, as I prepared to welcome my daughter into my life that it would be a bit of a juggling act but I had no doubt that I could do it. After all, it’s 2012 and women have been told that we can have it all if we want it. I went into it full throttle, ready to buckle down and make it all work seamlessly as I always imagined I could. The thing is I couldn’t."

Heigl is one of four prominent women who've signed up to blog about their lives for iVillage, with Denise Richards, Alanis Morissette and Ricki Lake joining in on the fun too. Each celeb will write four posts spread across the month, and we should get some pretty fascinating stuff knowing the trials and tribulations each of these women have been through. Heigl's first post is up today, and you can follow her -- and the rest of the celeb stories -- over at iVillage.

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