Casting: Natalie Portman and Kevin Costner Eye Crazy Action Movies and More

Casting: Natalie Portman and Kevin Costner Eye Crazy Action Movies and More

Oct 02, 2012

Kevin CostnerLots of casting updates today – including the latest news about Natalie Portman and Kevin Costner’s upcoming projects.

Costner, who was at one point attached to Tarantino’s Django Unchained, has now officially joined the cast of McG’s upcoming untitled action thriller, according to Coming Soon. The actor will headline the new feature, which has piqued our interest since it’s based on a script from Luc Besson. Could this be Costner’s version of Taken?

The actor is set to play a secret service agent who retires when he discovers he’s dying. However, the government lures him back into action with the promise of an experimental drug that could save him... if he completes one more mission for them. Costner agrees, but struggles to deal with his family, the job and the drug’s hallucinatory side effects.

No word on when we might see this one begin filming, but with the main star cast, expect the rest of the pieces to start falling into place.

Natalie Portman courted for multiple projects

Oscar winner Natalie Portman is often in the running for multiple high-profile roles, and today is no exception. The actress is currently being courted for several new productions.

Paramount would reportedly love the Black Swan actress to headline its new action drama Code Name Sasha – which is being billed as a “female Training Day crossed with La Femme Nikita.” We’re gonna just go ahead and say that we’d watch that film right now.

Meanwhile, Fox is eyeing Portman for its upcoming project Last Witness, wherein the actress would play a psychologist working with the sole survivor of a café bombing in Boston who also has amnesia. Fox Searchlight is also allegedly courting Portman for the role of Jackie Kennedy in the upcoming film Jackie. That one sounds like it could be a potential awards project.

Of course, Portman’s dance card is already crowded – the actress is attached to Marvel’s Thor sequel, an untitled Terrence Malick project and Jane Got a Gun. It’s good to be busy, apparently. [via The Wrap]

A Many Splintered Thing rounds out its cast

Finally, we’ve got several new additions to Justin Reardon’s A Many Splintered Thing.

The film has added multiple supporting cast members to the project, which is based on a Black List award-winning script and being compared to Amelie.

Indiewire reports that Anthony Mackie, Giovanni Ribisi, Topher Grace, Philip Baker Hall and Aubrey Plaza will join Chris Evans and Michelle Monaghan in the story of a man who attempts to woo an engaged woman by posing as a philanthropist. Sounds pretty predictable to us, but perhaps the cast can make it stand out in a glutted romantic-comedy market.

Filming on A Many Splintered Thing begins at the end of the month. 

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