Brett Ratner to Remake 'The Last American Virgin,' Plus Listen to His Controversial Howard Stern Interview Now

Brett Ratner to Remake 'The Last American Virgin,' Plus Listen to His Controversial Howard Stern Interview Now

Nov 09, 2011

I've personally written about The Last American Virgin so many times over the years, partly because it's the film that first introduced me to the teenage sex comedy way back when I was just a little kid, and also because the ending of this movie scarred me for life. The 1982 comedy, which is also a remake of an earlier Israeli comedy that produced multiple sequels, is definitely a little rough in spots, and is almost always overshadowed by a more mainstream teen sex comedy that arrived the same year, Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Both films dealt with themes of abortion during their more dramatic sequences, but Virgin had the more memorable soundtrack. If you want to know what it was like to be a teenager in the early 1980s, The Last American Virgin will show you, and then destroy you.

Where was I? Oh yeah, Brett Ratner. During his now infamous interview with Howard Stern -- in which he told a number of lame, embarrassing sex stories that will just make you despise this man even more than you already do -- Ratner mentioned that he's currently involved in a remake of The Last American Virgin. He added that he had a thing (we're censoring it a bit) for the leading actress in the film, Diane Franklin, and, I mean, how could you not -- she's like every teenager's fantasy dream girl in that movie, which is part of the reason why the ending hurts so damn much.

No word on who he's casting, whether he's directing it himself or if he'll keep the now legendary ending the same (I hope so; teens today need a reality-check ending like that). And while we're not fans of Ratner, we kinda do agree that his seedy, sex-obsessed mind is perfect for this particular remake, which is all about a trio of friends who want to get laid. What do you think? [via The Playlist]

Also, those interested can now listen to his entire NSFW Howard Stern interview below. Keep in mind that this interview includes lots of foul, sexually explicit language.

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