Box Office Report: Holiday Comedown Means Nobody Visited 'The Pyramid'

Box Office Report: Holiday Comedown Means Nobody Visited 'The Pyramid'

Dec 07, 2014

Here are your estimated three-day box office returns (new releases bolded):

1. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay -- Part 1 - $21.6 million ($257.7 million total)

2. Penguins of Madagascar - $11.1 million ($49.5 million total)

3. Horrible Bosses 2 - $8.6 million ($36.0 million total)

4. Big Hero 6 - $8.1 million ($177.5 million total)

5. Interstellar - $8.0 million ($158.6 million total)

6. Dumb & Dumber To - $4.1 million ($78.0 million total)

7. The Theory of Everything - $2.6 million ($13.6 million total)

8. Gone Girl - $1.5 million ($162.8 million total)

9. The Pyramid - $1.3 million ($1.1 million total)

10. Birdman - $1.1 million ($18.9 million total)


The Big Stories

Welcome to the most boring box office weekend of the year. The week after Thanksgiving typically has that distinction as studios tend to avoid the big comedown after the holiday. Anyone going to the movies is normally playing catch-up on the films they have missed over the past month, both big and small. They are likely to come out of this weekend happier than most of the studios as they gear up for their big Christmas (and awards) push.


Wait, So What's the Deal with The Pyramid?

The Pyramid can't even qualify as the weekend's only wide release. Its 589 theaters is below the typical 600 that usually classifies the upgrade from limited. What do we know about this film seeing as how yours truly has not seen a single commercial for it anywhere on television? It was produced by horror's Alexandre Aja, who handed directing duties to his frequent writing collaborator Grégory Levasseur, making his debut. It stars Ashley Hinshaw, maybe best known as the girlfriend from the film Chronicle or for shedding her clothes frequently in the indie About Cherry. And the film has a 9% rating on Rotten Tomatoes (with 22 reviews), which is good enough to put it amongst...

...the 10 worst-reviewed films of the year among wide releases:

Left Behind (2%), I Frankenstein (3%), The Legend of Hercules (3%), The Identical (7%), Ouija (7%), The Best of Me (8%), A Haunted House 2 (8%), Addicted (8%), Vampire Academy (9%), The Pyramid (9%)

If it was actually a wide release, of course. Not a list the film was hoping to be on, but it's certainly better than the one they really care about.

Here is the list of post-Thanksgiving openers going back to 1989:

The Last Samurai ($24.2), Behind Enemy Lines ($18.7), Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country ($18.1),  Honey ($12.8), Aeon Flux ($12.6), Christmas Vacation ($11.7), Analyze That ($11.0), The Distinguished Gentleman ($10.6), Misery ($10.07), Psycho (1998) ($10.03), Daylight ($10.01), Brothers ($9.5), The Nativity Story ($7.8), Closer ($7.7), Killing Them Softly ($6.8), Armored ($6.5), Empire ($6.2), Awake ($5.8), Out of the Furnace ($5.2), Punisher: War Zone ($4.2), Everybody's Fine ($3.8), Turistas ($3.5), Cadillac Records ($3.4), The Collection ($3.1), The Warrior's Way ($3.0), Trapped in Paradise ($2.7), National Lampoon's Van Wilder: The Rise of Taj ($2.3), White Man's Burden ($1.7), The Pyramid ($1.3), Wild Bill ($987,515), Nobel Son ($333,912), Transylmania ($263,941)

That list includes any film that opened on more screens than The Pyramid. Believe it or not, Transylmania was on over 1,000 screens. Further salt in the wound when you realize that Up in the Air grossed $1.18 million on just 15 screens in 2009 and Fox Searchlight's Black Swan grossed $1.43 million on 18 in 2010. Searchlight can also claim victory this weekend as its Oscar contender Wild opened on just 21 screens to the tune of $677,000 since Wednesday.


Tales of the Top 10

The Hunger GamesMockingjay -- Part 1 joins Guardians of the Galaxy, The Lego Movie, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Ride Along as the only films this year to rule the box office for three straight weekends. It continues to march towards $300 million, significantly less than the first two films, though it is also the 11th film this year to clear over $500 million worldwide -- and it continues to climb at $560 million. As does Interstellar, which is moving towards $600 million worldwide, making it the second biggest hit for Paramount this year after Transformers. Disney's Big Hero 6 continues to hunt for $200 million in the U.S. as it awaits a larger launch overseas to boost its overall total.

Less spectacular on the animated front is Dreamworks (and Fox's) Penguins of Madagascar, which is going to need help just to reach $80 million in the U.S. Fellow Thanksgiving opener Horrible Bosses 2 also is looking like a dud unless it can somehow match the $92.1 million overseas that the original made. Its current overseas total stands at $11.7 million and its domestic total looks in danger of barely hitting $50 million; a major disappointment for Warner Bros.

As for the films vying for awards attention this month, here is where many of them stand at the box office as of this weekend:

Boyhood ($24.0 million), Birdman ($18.9 million), The Theory of Everything ($13.6 million), Whiplash ($4.4 million), Rosewater ($2.9 million), Foxcatcher ($2.8 million), Citizenfour ($1.7 million), The Homesman ($1.06 million), The Imitation Game ($1.01 million), Wild ($677,000)

- Erik Childress can be seen each Thursday morning on WCIU-TV's First Business breaking down the box office on the Movies & Money segment.

[box office figures via Box Office Mojo]





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