The Best Movie Trailers of the Week

The Best Movie Trailers of the Week

Sep 05, 2014

Welcome back to Best Movie Trailers of the Week, a column where we handpick the best new movie trailers that have arrived online over the past week.


Horrible Bosses 2

Just so you know, I’m still giggling about the “kidnaping” joke as I write this. Whereas the Horrible Bosses 2 teaser trailer primarily rehashed old jokes, this first full trailer actually unveils some smart, amusing new material that suggests Nick (Jason Bateman), Kurt (Jason Sudeikis) and Dale’s (Charlie Day) situation could be worth another go-around.

I’m still not entirely clear on what they’re trying to achieve and how they’re going about it, but in this case, getting the chance to see some very famous faces take part in particularly well-timed and well-executed comedy makes the new Horrible Bosses 2 trailer a winner. 

ABCs of Death 2

On the one hand, a marketing team could have fun playing with the "horror from A to Z" concept, but on the other, promoting 26 shorts films has got to be a major challenge. As far as trailers go, they didn’t quite pull it off the first time around because the piece blew through snippets of all 26 shorts so fast that you couldn’t digest a single one of them, but the trailer for ABCs of Death 2 takes a slightly different approach and it works well.

We still get the A to Z countdown and a quick-cutting montage showing off highlights from a handful of the films, but the piece also includes a few lengthier scenes and by doing that, not only can you appreciate the feature’s unique format, but you’ve also got a few specific storylines to look forward to as well.

Monsters: Dark Continent

I’ve got a love-hate relationship with this one. Back when Monsters first came out, I was really looking forward to seeing a disaster/alien invasion movie done on an independent level, which is what the large majority of moviegoers were expecting. However, that’s not what Gareth Edwards gave us. Personally, I really appreciated his decision to put the focus on the relationship while the monster situation loomed in the background, but I also never quite lost interest in seeing these life forms decimate the Earth. Based on this new trailer for the sequel, Monsters: Dark Continent, that movie is solely geared towards moviegoers who were disappointed by the first film’s lack of creature mayhem. On the one hand, it’s preposterous and even somewhat insulting to call this a sequel to Edwards’ film, but on the other, these were the monsters I wanted, so how can I say no now?

The Equalizer

This new trailer for The Equalizer works for two reasons – Denzel Washington and Eminem’s “Guts Over Fear.” We’ve seen countless retired military/cop-type characters decide to go back to work for one last job, but what makes Washington’s rendition feel like a mildly fresh approach is his charisma and how he makes the character his own. Simply put, when Washington says or does something, you believe it no matter what, so it’s nearly impossible not to get caught up in Robert McCall’s mission. Top priority should always be to leave a viewer thinking about the story and main character, but a little extra adrenaline courtesy of a catchy beat certainly doesn’t hurt either.


We’ve seen our fair share of jump scares and gore, but when’s the last time you’ve seen an angelic campfire song paired with such eerie imagery? This new trailer for the Toronto International Film Festival Midnight Madness selection Cub doesn’t offer up much in terms of story details, but that actually makes the material stronger. There’s clearly something creepy lurking in those woods, but we’ve got little to no clue what it’s capable of or why it’s after the scouts at all. Something like that could feel like a cop out, but because the piece is so enthralling and you’re in it so deep, the unease of not knowing makes it especially terrifying.

What are your favorite movie trailers of the week?




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