The Best Movie Trailers of the Week

The Best Movie Trailers of the Week

Sep 26, 2014

Welcome back to Best Movie Trailers of the Week, a column where we handpick the best new movie trailers that have arrived online over the past week.

Big Hero 6

Jupiter Ascending

“We’ve been taught that the birthplace of the human race is Earth... but it’s not” is one heckuva opening line of dialogue. This new Jupiter Ascending trailer does come with a fair amount of outrageous sci-fi landscape/creature nonsense, but thanks to that one bit of exposition, it works well enough. We really do believe the human race began on Earth, so to hear someone suggest otherwise is intrinsically intriguing and shocking, and it also successfully helps ease the viewer into the film's out-of-this-world scenario.


Big Hero 6

Baymax can do no wrong. Whether he’s hugging Hiro, running out of battery or taping up holes in his balloonlike body, it’s wildly endearing. Hiro’s brother, Tadashi, developed Baymax to care and make people feel good, and based on the Big Hero 6 marketing effort so far, it looks as though he’ll do just that in the feature film. Even when things get a little too silly with Hiro’s friends, the piece can cut right back to Baymax who never fails to deliver amusing, charming and incredibly heartwarming material.  



The first trailer for Michael Mann’s Blackhat doesn’t manage to sell Chris Hemsworth as a genius computer hacker, but the tone of the piece alone is enough to suggest that the feature could be well worth catching. This easily could have come across as a flashy action thriller with a famous face at the center of it (like Jack Ryan for example), but instead the Blackhat trailer puts the focus on what’s at stake. Hemsworth is always a pleasure to look at, but it’s the promo’s power to deliver a tangible threat that gives it a lasting effect.


The Babadook

I miss having the urge to pull the covers up over my eyes when a truly terrifying TV spot airs late at night, but this new trailer for Jennifer Kent’s The Babadook actually manages to conjure that same unease I used to feel when watching scary promos alone in the dark as a kid. I’ve seen The Babadook and it’s easily one of the best horror movies of 2014, so it’s no surprise that the material in this promo is particularly appealing. 


Kingsman: The Secret Service

Now this looks like an absolute blast because who wouldn’t want to go to spy school? The action in this new trailer for Kingsman: The Secret Service is a little excessive, but that's what makes it work. This is a film that most definitely goes big instead of going home, and we dig that about it.

What are your favorite movie trailers of the week?




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