The Top 5 Disney Easter Eggs Hidden in 'Moana'

The Top 5 Disney Easter Eggs Hidden in 'Moana'

Nov 28, 2016

If you know Disney movies, you knew to look for Easter eggs in their latest animated feature, Moana. The movie actually plays like a best-of compilation of all the classics, from the shapeshifting magic reminding us of The Sword in the Stone to the big man and young girl pairing like that of Wreck-it Ralph to the characters falling down very, very deep hole a la Alice in WonderlandAnd the premise, involving a girl wanting to leave land to find a whole new world at sea, is clearly a reverse of the plot of The Little Mermaid, in which a girl wants to leave the sea to be a part of the world on land. 

There are plenty of other similar elements to be found throughout the movie (one great joke references all Disney Princess titles at once), but there are also those eggs, as in direct, intentional references to other movies, mostly other Disney animated features via cameos from their characters. Here are the five best, as revealed by Screen Rant, to feel good about catching or to go back and find on your additional viewings of Moana

5.  Sebastian

The most direct of the Easter eggs comes at the very end of the movie, past the final credits. In a stinger scene featuring the giant crab monster Tamatoa breaks the fourth wall to ask if people would like him more if he was a Jamaican crab named Sebastian. Obviously he's referring to the indeed beloved character from The Little Mermaid. Apparently Flounder also makes an appearance in the movie, but nobody has spotted him yet.


4. Wreck-it Ralph

Before you get to that stinger, if you're one to study the end credits intensely, you'll spot a Polynesian-style drawing of the title character from Wreck-it Ralph on the right side of the screen. 


3. Baymax

The cuddly healthcare robot from Big Hero 6 doesn't exactly make a personal cameo in Moana, but there is a good reference to the character. Among all the little coconut-masked Kakamora, one of the pirates has distinctly familiar markings on his mask, making him look like he has Baymax's face.


2. Flash

The scene-stealing slot from Zootpia (which itself had a Moana Easter egg in the form of a bootleg DVD peddled on the street) has a sort of cameo in Moana in the realm of monsters sequence in the form of a slow-moving masked creature with multiple limbs. \


1. Sven

When Maui gets his magic fishhook back, he begins to change into his usual animal forms, including the soaring hawk. But one of the creatures, quickly mixed in, is even more recognizable to Disney fans: Sven the reindeer from Frozen.


See the rest of the Easter eggs, including those referencing non-Disney movies, over at Screen Rant. And let us know if you find any others when you check out Moana again and again on the big screen or later on home video. 




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