Is the Banned Hungarian Poster for 'Shame' Too Provocative or Just Plain Stupid?

Is the Banned Hungarian Poster for 'Shame' Too Provocative or Just Plain Stupid?

Jan 27, 2012

By this point, everyone's at least heard of Shame. You've probably heard that the attractive and talented Michael Fassbender is nude in the film and performs several explicit sex scenes. You've also probably heard that the movie is about Fassbender's character dealing with an all-consuming sex addiction. You may have argued about the film with someone, particularly about the movie being banned from certain theatrical chains. All of this is an overly simple way to describe Steve McQueen's movie, as the film compellingly delves into the drama and psychology of self-destruction and much more.

Enter the Hungarian poster for Shame — a fleshy, hyper close-up shot with gooey font. We (hopefully) don't need to tell you what it represents, but we can tell you that we hate it. While we applaud the talented penis that wrote the title, we can't think of a more ridiculous, obvious, and cheap way to symbolize the movie's narrative. The poster was banned in Hungary — probably not for its stupidity, which is unfortunate. We enjoy challenging and thoughtful creative expressions, which is why an explicit poster would have been ok with us if it had been handled intelligently. 
Is the poster provocative, or just plain stupid? Share your thoughts below.


[via anomalousmaterial]

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