Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan To Fight Chinese Creatures In a Russian Horror Movie

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan To Fight Chinese Creatures In a Russian Horror Movie

Nov 02, 2016

Considering it seems like every single action star from the '80s and '90s eventually wound up battling in a movie together, it's a bit surprising that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan only barely crossed over in the PG-rated, family adventure comedy Around the World in 80 Days. But now they're getting a second chance together, and in a totally unexpected way. Variety reports they're both joining Rutger Hauer in Viy-2, a sequel to a Russian horror/fantasy movie that's set in China but stars British actor Jason Flemyng. Film production in 2016 is unpredictable, to say the least.

We don't yet know how the former Governor of California and the man who has broken seemingly every bone in his body fit together in the movie, but we at least know what it's about. Flemyng is reprising his role as an explorer tasked by Peter the Great to map the unknown edges of Russia, bringing him into Chinese territory that will apparently contain "breathtaking discoveries" and "bizarre creatures."

The first Viy was released in America as Forbidden Empire and hit with little acclaim. Internationally, though, it was a pretty decent hit. It even set a record in Russia for the highest opening weekend ever for a Russian movie. And since we're now in a marketplace where international territories matter more than just North America, there's a very real possibility that a fantasy/horror movie featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan - even if just in cameo roles - makes a big splash around the world but releases quietly in the U.S.

That'd be a bit of a bummer considering the first Viy looks super weird and fun, so adding Schwarzenegger and Chan can only make things nuttier in all the right ways.


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