The All-Star 'Magnifcent Seven' Cast Is Nearly Done - Here's Who Is In It So Far

The All-Star 'Magnifcent Seven' Cast Is Nearly Done - Here's Who Is In It So Far

May 06, 2015

New Magnificent Seven cast

Last year director Antoine Fuqua told us that the one movie he wished he could get his hands on for a remake was Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai. But since that wasn't possible, he's taking on the next best thing: The Magnificent Seven.

When we spoke to him, the only person who had been officially cast in the movie was his Equalizer star: "I've got Denzel and then we're going to start assembling in the next week or two. We don't film until next year, but to get all the great actors we want, you've got to get the schedules right, and that's very tough to do."

Fast forward to this year and it seems all of those schedules have finally started aligning as more and more cast have been announced. Presenting Antoine Fuqua's Magnifcent Seven.


1. Denzel Washington

He's a bounty hunter and the first of the group who accepts the job protecting a town from bandits.


2. Chris Pratt

A former magician. Yes, Chris Pratt is going to be playing a former magician in the wild west. It'll either be amazing or amazing.


3. Wagner Moura

The Brazilian star of the Elite Squad series will show up as a gunslinger wanted dead or alive.


4. Ethan Hawke

A former soldier who is on the run from the army and is apparently handy with a rifle.


5. Vincent D'Onofrio

A fur trapper who is running from a past of slaughtering Native Americans.


6. Byung-hun Lee

We're not sure of his exact spot yet, but considering the movie is about shady guys who turn hero, you can count on him being just that.


7. ?

This one hasn't been officially cast yet, but hey, wouldn't it be great if they pulled a switcheroo and cast a woman in the last spot? 

Haley Bennet

She'll be playing the woman who hires the gang that becomes the magnificent seven.


Jason Momoa

The future Aquaman will be playing one of, if not the leader of, the bandits who keeps terrorizing the town the gang are hired to protect.


The Magnificent Seven will hit theaters on January 13, 2017. If you can't wait that long and you need your fix for recent badass movies about strangers coming together to protect a town, we highly, highly, highly recommend Takashi Miike's 13 Assassins.





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