'Wolves' Trailer: Finally a Werewolf Movie That Looks Surprisingly '80s

'Wolves' Trailer: Finally a Werewolf Movie That Looks Surprisingly '80s

Feb 13, 2014

It's easy to dismiss anything involving vampires or werewolves or now even Frankenstein's monster as being nothing but a cash-in on a trend. Especially if it looks like there's going to be brooding romance involved. And with that in mind, we totally understand anyone who watches the trailer for David Hayter's directorial debut Wolves and thinks it looks like every other movie and TV show chasing the Twilight demographic. I, however, think its heart looks like it's in a bit of a more old-school headspace than that.

Well, if we're talking literal looks, then Wolves is apparently going for the same bland, stagey, digital disappointment that's so prevalent among low-budget films these days. However, the actual content calls to mind movies like The Lost Boys and Near Dark and anything else from the '80s that was unapologetically into its own monster-heavy world (it takes place in a town called Lupine Ridge, for crying out loud). Sure, this trailer is playing up the romance and the hormones and the tortured feelings heavily, but it also seems to go pretty all out by the end of it, and is no way afraid of embracing the inherent guilty pleasures that come with telling stories about men becoming creatures of passion.

Plus, if Khal Drogo wants to have fun playing a werewolf, who are we to complain about it?

For comparison's sake, here's the original trailer for The Lost Boys, which looked equally cheesy in its marketing:




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