'The Signal' and 'Earth to Echo' Trailers Reveal Two Very Different Close Encounters of the Third Kind

'The Signal' and 'Earth to Echo' Trailers Reveal Two Very Different Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Mar 19, 2014

After falling out of popularity in the 2000s, science fiction has been undergoing a bit of a new bloom for a few years now. You could chalk its resurgence up to 2009, the year we got movies like District 9, Avatar and the new Star Trek, and while that spurred Hollywood to invest in big sci-fi again, bigger isn't necessarily better in the first place. Two new movies are looking to prove that sci-fi on smaller budgets can be just as worthwhile so long as you've got a bit of an imagination, and today we've got our first full looks at both of them.

First up is The Signal, one of the midnight movies from this year's Sundance Film Festival (which is not to be confused with 2007's The Signal, which was also a Sundance midnight movie). The initial synopsis for it was pretty vague ("A group of college students are lured to the middle of the desert by a hacker"), but thanks to this trailer we can get a glimpse of what impressed so many people at Park City earlier this year. The trailer's pretty cryptic, but it does feature Laurence Fishburne grilling a college kid about his contact with an alien life form of some kind.

And speaking of alien contact, Earth to Echo's extraterrestrial ties aren't nearly as hidden in its new trailer since it basically looks like a found-footage version of E.T. in that it's about a bunch of young kids who discover an intelligence from out of this world, and then try to hide it from government agents. It even features a gag that's clearly riffing on the escape scene in E.T., only instead of the alien making the kids' bikes fly through the air, he deconstructs the vehicle they're about to run into. It looks intriguing, and we're sure today's kids will love it, but we do hope there's a bit more going on in Earth to Echo for those of us adults who do still remember everything about E.T.

The Signal hits theaters on June 13. Earth to Echo isn't far behind with a July 2, 2014 release date.




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