'The Hunger Games' Countdown: Minor 'Catching Fire' Characters Not to Forget

'The Hunger Games' Countdown: Minor 'Catching Fire' Characters Not to Forget

Aug 01, 2012

Johanna Mason, Wiress, Plutarch Heavensbee

Johanna Mason? Check! Wiress? Check! Plutarch Heavensbee? Check! Clearly we’re well on our way to casting The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, but there are still a number of key roles that remain vacant, namely one of the most coveted new additions, Finnick Odair. Many have been eager to point a finger at Sam Claflin for the role, but until the studio confirms that the Snow White and the Huntsman star is indeed the top choice for Finnick, let alone the choice, I’d advise assuming others could still be in the running.

Even while we continue to obsess over who could snag the coveted role until the filmmakers finally unveil their decision, we mustn’t forget there are a number of other Catching Fire characters in need of casting. Thanks to this handy "Meet the Cast" chart on the film’s Facebook page, we know we have a Gloss, Cashmere, Brutus, Enobaria, Mags, Blight, Woof, Cecelia, Chaff, Seeder and an unnamed mystery character on the way, but what about some of those smaller roles that function more as unforgettable nuances in Suzanne Collins’ book and might not have deserved a spot on this chart?

Keeping with tradition and following in the footsteps of the Hunger Games version of Characters Not to Forget, the Hunger Games fandom now brings you a list of Catching Fire characters that we hope don’t fly under the radar, or not get the time in the spotlight they deserve.

SPOILER ALERT: The following character descriptions include Catching Fire plot details!

Jesse Plemons

Perri of Movies.com – Darius
Peacekeepers have a bad rap, but then again, so do a lot of people who are just doing their jobs. That’s why we desperately need Darius in Catching Fire, to prove that not all Peacekeepers are bad guys and to further highlight the cracks in President Snow’s administration. Of Darius, Katniss notes, "As law enforcers go, he’s one of my favorites." She points out that he looks like he’s barely older than she is but is likely in his 20s, and has red hair and a smile that give him a boyish look. Can you say Jesse Plemons? In the Catching Fire book, Darius is also responsible for one of the most emotional and disconcerting chapter enders, the revelation that he’s been turned into an Avox.

Tanvi of Hunger-Games.net – Romulus Thread
Romulus Thread is one of the most important minor characters in Catching Fire. Thread is a harsh, cold man and fiercely loyal to the Capitol. He replaces Cray as the head Peacekeeper, and flogs Gale publicly. This incident is one of the pivotal moments in the first half of the book. It, among other things, not only brings out Katniss' buried feelings for Gale, but also instigates Gale himself against the tyranny all the more. Thread is a catalyst to most of the inner action of the District. He is described to look not unlike the people from the Seam. As for casting suggestions, how crazy would it be if I say George Clooney?

Crystal of Mockingjay.net and Fictional Food – Cecelia
I know she's a very small character and appears for all of two sentences in Catching Fire, but I think Cecelia's reaping scene still shows a lot. Katniss watches as Cecelia detaches herself from her kids and the scene shows readers an alternate future that Katniss could have had to endure if she'd not already chosen to not have kids. She'd already known that her own kids would not be exempt, but to me, that small scene with Cecelia shows the flipside of young children having their Victor mother torn away from them by the Capitol. It's just another look at what Katniss is fighting against.

Shylah of Down With The Capitol – Cashmere and Gloss
Cashmere and Gloss are the two victors from District 1 reaped for the 75th Hunger Games. They are the only sibling victors, and, both being classically beautiful and highly deadly, these two characters exhibit all of the Capitol-glory that Panem has come to associate with the Games. They're a reminder that not everyone in the Arena is on Katniss' side, and that for some people, security for themselves will always outweigh the rights and security of others. I'd love to see some former teen stars make a reappearance as the District 1 victors, namely Sarah Michelle Gellar and Neil Patrick Harris. Blond and badass, Buffy Summers and Barney Stinson definitely would be an imposing force to counterbalance Katniss' band of misfits.

Neil Patrick Harris and Sarah Michelle Gellar

Savanna of The Hunger Games Fireside Chat – Maysilee Donner
Though we’d only get to see her in flashbacks or video footage, I’m really hoping that Maysilee Donner is included – or at least briefly referenced – in Catching Fire. For those who have forgotten, Maysilee was Madge Undersee’s aunt, and she competed alongside a young Haymitch Abernathy in the 50th Hunger Games. She’s such an integral part of Haymitch’s past, and we need to see some Haymitch backstory in the sequel in order to better understand him: his motivations, his reasons for drinking, etc. While Maysilee may not be as strong and influential a character without her connection to Madge (cut from the first film) and the mockingjay pin origin story (changed for the movies), she’s still quite important, and I’ll definitely be bummed out if we never hear about her.

Celine of HungerGamesTrilogy.net – Leevy
Leevy, a gray-eyed girl, is Katniss' neighbor in the Seam. In Catching Fire, Katniss asked her to fetch Hazelle Hawthorne after Gale had been whipped by Romulus Thread. She volunteered to take care of Gale's siblings while their mother goes to see Gale. It was also mentioned in the book that Mrs. Everdeen treated Leevy's little brother when he caught the measles. Her character is subsequently mentioned in Mockingjay. Leevy and Katniss practically grew up in the same neighborhood. It will be nice to see her in the rest of the Hunger Games sequels.

Angie of The Hob – Enobaria
I hope that Enobaria is one character casting that does not get underplayed. (I'm picturing someone like Essence Atkins for the role). District 2 is the most loyal district to the Capitol and, like most tributes from her district, Enobaria volunteered for the 62nd Hunger Games and won. Her background and Games experience directly impacts the choices she makes in Catching Fire, and those choices define her role in Mockingjay, making her character more significant later on. There are a few key scenes with Enobaria from the book that I can only hope will be included in the Catching Fire movie such as the brutality of the Careers at the Cornucopia, the Careers stalking Katniss and Peeta’s group throughout the Games, and Enobaria as one of the last tributes alive when the Games end.

Essence Atkins

Adam of The Hunger Games Fireside Chat – Purnia
We all know the main heroes and villains who populate most of the story, and rightfully so, but there are plenty of quiet objectors who make a difference in intricate ways. Purnia, a kind-hearted Peacekeeper from District 12, is precisely one of those. Her one defining moment is when she intervenes during Gale's whipping - playing off Romulus Thread perfectly - and ultimately lessening Gale's sentence by declaring it his first offense. Without her brave act, there likely would be no Gale, and perhaps an unsuccessful rebellion. Her contribution may seem meager, but it comes from an admirable place, and the effects of it are far-reaching. And as for casting, how about Anna Frielwho dazzled in Pushing Daisies and many other film and miniseries roles?

Kait of Victor’s Village – Woof
There was one other elderly victor in the Hunger Games other than Mags: Woof from District 8. We don't see much of him in Catching Fire, but it's important to see older characters fighting for their lives to show that no one is immune to President Snow's wrath. Woof is going a bit senile, but has a good heart, as we found out he was part of the original alliance to save Katniss. Rebekah, another writer on Victor's Village, suggested Hal Holbrook for the role and now I can't imagine anyone else!

Hamilton of My Hunger Games – Ripper
The one-armed woman who sells liquor on the black market in District 12 only shows up a couple of times. It is her alcohol, however, that gets Katniss and Haymitch drunk when they learn about the rules of the Quarter Quell, leading Peeta to forbid her from selling to either of them again. The fact that she only has one arm - a result of a mining accident - is a good reminder of just how harsh life is in the Seam. I'd like to see someone with an interesting personality play her.  Someone like Carol Kane (my original choice for Wiress) would make for an entertaining cameo.

The Hunger Games Countdown runs here on Movies.com every other Wednesday. There are 477 days until the release of Catching Fire.

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