'The Dark Tower' TV Series Moves Forward

'The Dark Tower' TV Series Moves Forward

Aug 04, 2017

The Dark Tower

Whatever happens at theaters this weekend, The Dark Tower will live on. Naturally, Stephen King's popular series of novels, which served as the basis for the movie, will remain available for fans to read again and again, while neophytes may be drawn to them for the first time in order to explore The Dark Tower universe further.

While we wait to find out if any more big-screen adventures will be forthcoming, we have now been assured that a television series is indeed moving forward. That's been the plan for several years, so it's good to hear that Glen Mazzara has been confirmed to guide the series, according to Deadline.

Mazzara began his career writing for Don Johnson's jaunty detective show Nash Bridges and soon became a producer as well on the superb crime series The Shield. His subsequent credits as writer and producer include the excellent Life and the ambitious Crash before he boarded The Walking Dead, eventually becoming the showrunner for two seasons.


After that, he developed Damien (above), a spin-off from The Omen movies, for the small screen. His sterling credits suggest that Mazzara is a great choice for The Dark Tower on television.

Deadline also reports that the series is "independent from the film and will take place many years before the events depicted in the film. … Based largely on Wizard and Glass, the fourth book in the series, and flashbacks from The Gunslinger (book 1) the series will focus on Roland Deschain’s origin story -- how he first became a gunslinger and got his guns, his first conflict with the Man in Black, his first love and his first mission as a gunslinger."

Roland Deschain is portrayed by Idris Elba in the new movie, but since the series will focus on the character's younger years, we can expect to see a younger actor cast in the lead role. Now it's up to new showrunner Mazzara to get the series on its feet.

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