'Silent Hill: Revelation' Director Promises to Stay True to the Original Games and the First Film

'Silent Hill: Revelation' Director Promises to Stay True to the Original Games and the First Film

Nov 11, 2011

Fun fact: the first in-person interview I ever did was with director Michael J. Bassett. Not only did I have the nervousness of it being my first interview, I also hadn't prepared for it at all because, until 3 minutes before I did it, I had no idea I was even doing an interview. Long story involving me ordering a Screwdriver at 11am short, one of the only good questions I managed to pull out of thin air was whether or not he had had any conversations with producer Samuel Hadida about directing Silent Hill 2. Bassett gave me a startled look and said something to the effect of, "How'd you know about that?"

It was a simple thing of putting two-and-two together. I knew Silent Hill 2 had just lost director Roger Avary, I knew Hadida was a producer on Bassett's Solomon Kane (which the interview was for), and I frankly thought his style was a perfect match for the franchise. Turns out Bassett was a big, big fan of the franchise long before talk of doing a movie had even come up, but that just days before our conversation he had actually begun meeting with Hadida and talking about taking over the helm. Over a year later it was announced that Bassett would be directing the newly titled Silent Hill: Revelation 3D.

All of this is a long way of saying that when Bassett says in the below video that he's a big fan of Silent Hill, he's not just putting on a show to sell the movie. The guy's a legit fan and was one well before he was even signed to direct the movie. Unfortunately the below video only features Bassett and star Adelaide Clemens talking about what they're doing with the film and what storyline from the game they're adapting and no actual footage, but if you're a fan of both the game series and Christophe Gans' first film, it's reassuring to hear that this won't be just a cash-in project.

Also, because why not, here's the trailer for Solomon Kane, which for some inane reason still doesn't have US distribution two years after it came out in the UK. 

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