'Roar' Trailer: One of the Most Insane Movies Ever Made Is Being Re-released

'Roar' Trailer: One of the Most Insane Movies Ever Made Is Being Re-released

Mar 10, 2015

Roar is a movie so filled with spectacularly bad ideas, it's insane that anyone made it yet alone survived it. It would be impossible, and surely illegal, for anyone to ever make a movie like it again. Even just watching it feels dangerous, like you're always seconds away from some ghastly tragedy you will never be able to unsee, but that you simply cannot look away from.

So what is Roar? It's a movie from 1981 made by The Exorcist producer Noel Marshall and his wife Tippi Hedren (The Birds) with the intent of raising awareness for the need to protect wild animals, like lions and tigers and jaguars. And how do you raise awareness for something? By putting a bunch of people's lives in danger, of course.*

Roar was filmed entirely using real lions, tigers, jaguars, giraffes, elephants, and a whole host of other unpredictable creatures. It's about a man (played by Marshall) who gets the bright idea to live with over 100 of these animals. His family (including Hedren and their real-life daughter Melanie Griffith) decides to visit him, but by the time they find him in Africa, his entire farm has become overrun by these beasts, and so it turns into an increasingly absurd adventure story about this family trying to survive the insanity.

The movie bombed when it was first release in 1981 (it took six years and $17 million to make and only took in $2 million at the box office), and since then it's garnered a small but vital reputation as the kind of bad movie that just needs to be seen to be believed. And so naturally Drafthouse Films, who are experts when it comes to spotlighting movies that need to be seen to be believed (here's looking at you, Miami Connection), got ahold of the movie and re-releasing it in theaters on April 2015.

Maybe a whole new generation will finally understand the brilliance of Roar's madness. Or, more likely, it'll inspire a whole new generation to turn to their friends and say, "Have you seen Roar? You haven't?! Oh. My. God. You have got to see this."

Roar will hit theaters on April 17. Check here for a list of places crazy enough to play it.

*Luckily cinematographer Jan de Bont survived having the back of his head ripped open by a lion, otherwise we may never have gotten Speed 13 years later.





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