The 'I Saw the Devil' Remake Lands a Killer Creative Team

The 'I Saw the Devil' Remake Lands a Killer Creative Team

Sep 15, 2014

I Saw the Devil is a haunting 2010 Korean movie from director Ji-woon Kim (The Good, the Bad, the Weird) about a secret service agent who implants a tracking device inside the body of the man who killed is wife, not so he can track the serial killer, but so that he can torment him and make his life a living hell. It's a brilliant and brutal movie about the slippery slopes of revenge and insanity and how the two are so often intertwined. It's also the kind of movie that's so intense, no matter how much you warn someone about its violence, they are guaranteed to walk away thinking, "Damn, that was a messed-up movie."

So of course it's being remade.

Here's the thing, though: The Wrap revealed the team behind the remake, and the names are packed with potential.

The project is being shepherded along by some producers who have delivered some of the finest genre films of the last few years: Adi Shankhar (Dredd, The Grey), Keith Calder and Jessica Wu (You're Next, Faults, Undocumented). And they're now locking down a deal for Simon Barrett and Adam Wingard to write and direct. And that's really a perfect storm of creative forces to take something as unique as the original I Saw the Devil and deliver a new, American version of it that is distinctly its own beast.

Barrett and Wingard are responsible for You're Next and The Guest (which starts to hit theaters September 17), two terrific, funny, thrilling exercises in how to manipulate conventions and expectations. But perhaps more relevant here is the fact that they also made an underappreciated drama called A Horrible Way to Die, which is about the complex relationship between a serial killer and the subject of his infatuation. That's a tense, emotionally draining movie with riveting central performances from AJ Bowen and Amy Seimetz.

And guess what I Saw the Devil is going to require? A complex relationship between a serial killer and the subject of his infatuation, that's anchored by intense violence and riveting central performances. So, yeah, Barrett and Wingard are inspired choices to take on this project, while Shankhar, Calder and Wu are the right minds to nurture the kind of movie this needs to be in order to avoid being your standard remake.

I've just got one suggestion: Wouldn't it be kind of fun to do a bit of gender swapping this time around? Perhaps the secret service agent can have her husband die? Just throwing it out there.

Oh, and if you are a huge fan of You're Next, Barrett and Wingard revealed in their Reddit AMA today how they would open a sequel (should it ever happen):


We had a cool idea that involves Erin being blamed for the first film's murders. She escapes from a prison van and has to fight off attackers related to the first film's Lamb Mask in the woods while she is still handcuffed to several other criminals from the transport vehicle. Of course it would get way more complicated than that but that would be the starting point.


Please movie gods, make that happen.




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