'Gallowwalkers,' the Zombie Western Wesley Snipes Made Six Years Ago, Has a New Trailer

'Gallowwalkers,' the Zombie Western Wesley Snipes Made Six Years Ago, Has a New Trailer

Feb 21, 2013

Most movies take long roads toward seeing the light of day. Even with that being the norm, Gallowwalkers has had a longer and stranger road than most. The film about a bounty hunter in the wild West who faces off against the undead initially was to star Chow Yun-Fat and be called The Wretched, but that version died in 2005. It was reborn a year later with a new name and a new star: Gallowwalker, starring Wesley Snipes.

The movie, directed by Andrew Goth, moved forward pretty quickly after that and was completed by 2007. So why are we talking about a new trailer for it in 2013? It never actually came out, that's why.

If a movie sits on a shelf that long, it's typically a sign that it's a stinker, but in this case, it likely has more to do with Snipes' ongoing legal troubles for not paying his taxes. The actor has been serving out a three-year sentence since December of 2010, which has no doubt had a bit of an impact on the film's marketing prospects. He's set to be released in July of this year, however, and so 2013 might just be the year that Gallowwalkers finally sees the light of day. And yes, it now officially has a plural title, and no, we don't know why it changed yet again.

The actual movie looks intriguing, even if it does look like Blade meets Jonah Hex. We just hope it really was held up for an ideal, incarceration-free release window and not because the movie is, well, a low-budget Blade meets Jonah Hex. If it does strike your fancy, head over to Bloody Disgusting for some more stills from the film.

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