'Dragon' Trailer: Donnie Yen's Latest Martial Arts Movie Looks Like One of His Best

'Dragon' Trailer: Donnie Yen's Latest Martial Arts Movie Looks Like One of His Best

Oct 18, 2012

The age of the international action star is arguably over. The days of people like Jackie Chan or Jean-Claude Van Damme finding massive mainstream success around the globe may not have ended entirely, but they're certainly winding down. And that's a little odd considering the world is more interconnected now than ever before, but hopefully the possibility of seeing someone like Donnie Yen on a daytime talk show in the U.S. promoting a new movie hasn't gone away entirely. Maybe it'll happen with Dragon (Wu Xia), the martial artist's latest movie.

If you already know Yen from movies like Ip Man, Legend of the Fist, Hero and Dragon Tiger Gate, you're no doubt sold on the movie without seeing a single frame of it. If you don't know the Chinese star from a hole in the ground, though, you're going to want to press play on the trailer for Dragon [via FSR]. If you're not pumped to check it out as soon as humanly possible after, then clearly martial arts movies just aren't your thing. This is just a plain ole kick-ass trailer, filled with great imagery, pounding music and Donnie Yen beating the unending crap out of a bunch of people who picked the wrong guy to piss off.

Dragon gets a limited release in theaters on November 30, 2012, with an iTunes debut a few days earlier on October 26. Our man Brian Salisbury caught the film earlier this year at ActionFest and had this to say about it:

Structurally, Wu Xia shares a great deal in common with A History of Violence. Set in a small Chinese village around the turn of the 20th century, two bandits enter a local shop demanding money. A seemingly mild-mannered papermaker manages to “accidentally” thwart the thieves, both of whom end up dead in the skirmish. The village, and most of the police force, is ready to declare the man a lucky hero, but one inspector believes there is something sinister in this man’s past that might offer a more accurate explanation for his heroics. Wu Xia was easily one of my favorite films of ActionFest. It adopts a number of interesting storytelling devices to weave together a tale that is simultaneously uplifting and eerily dark. 


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