'Deadpool' Causes Traffic Jams in New Image, Plus: How to Make Out With Ryan Reynolds

'Deadpool' Causes Traffic Jams in New Image, Plus: How to Make Out With Ryan Reynolds

Jul 02, 2015


Comic-Con is still a week away, but Entertainment Weekly has already started rolling out some first looks. They dropped some Batman v Superman goods earlier today, but they've also put out the above image which clearly depicts what happens when Deadpool gets bored while waiting in traffic.

Perhaps more importantly, though, EW also shared some comments from star Ryan Reynolds, which may be vitally important for a certain fan somewhere.

Have you ever dreamed about kissing Ryan Reynolds? If so, you need to go ahead and break out your time machine so you can travel back and become the person who leaked the Deadpool proof-of-concept test footage the Internet fell in love with. Reynolds and all else involved know that the fan reaction is what got the movie greenlit, and the actor told EW he wants to kiss whoever dropped it online.

"And not just a little kiss,” he purrs, “but full on the mouth, sloppy, with tongue, for two straight minutes on live television, without commercial interruption. And then I’ll buy you dinner at Red Lobster, at least, and dessert.”

So, yeah, crank up that time machine. Reynolds is waiting.

Oh, and in case you were still wondering what the rating for the movie would be like (even though Reynolds confirmed months ago that it'd be R), here's what director Tim Miller had to say:

“We are in strip clubs and dive bars and crappy apartments and far away from the shiny X-Men world.”  

Deadpool hits theaters on February 12, 2016.


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