25 Things We Learned about Michael Fassbender in His 'GQ' Interview

25 Things We Learned about Michael Fassbender in His 'GQ' Interview

May 16, 2012

In preparation for the release of Ridley Scott's Prometheus, Michael Fassbender has been busy making the interview rounds. We recently spotted a chat with the actor on GQ and, well, learned some stuff. You can read the full interview over here, but below are 25 highlights we dug up for you.

1. Fassy is kind of a hipster, living in the ["un-hyperfashionable"] section of East London. "I always liked the energy round here. Traditionally more of a working-class area. A bit of an edginess to it, as well. And the parks are everywhere here. I always just felt like this was the right spot for me." Also, he keeps a messy apartment.

2. When you visit his apartment, champagne, beer, and tea are on the menu.

3. He owns several guitars and wanted to be a heavy metal guitarist as a teenager. Some of his favorite songs: Metallica's Orion, Sepultura's Beneath the Remains, anything off Slayer's Reign in Blood, and he loves the drums in Slayer's Seasons in the Abyss. He learned how to play Megadeth's Rust in Peace and thinks Dave Mustaine often made things "a bit more complicated than they need to be." He used to have his own band — and the long hair to go with it.

4. His mother sounds like a bit of a cleaning nazi and used to perform the "dust test" at home after he would tidy up.

5. He has a good sense of humor and has had to endure endless "penis-joke interviews" since he went full frontal in Steve McQueen's Shame.

6. The boys of British TV show Top Gear think Fassbender has an "impressive sausage."

7. He used to think he was pretty average at most things.

8. He was born in Germany.

9. When he arrived in L.A. he faced a lot of rejection. "I wasn't blowing them away in the audition room, that's for sure. I just didn't feel settled or comfortable or confident." 

10. He's "kind of superstitious."

11. When Fassy first met collaborator Steve McQueen, they didn't initially hit it off. The English artist thought Fassbender was cocky.

12. If you're wondering what he weighed when he shot the starvation scenes in Hunger, the actor was a measly 128 pounds.

13. Yes, he really urinated in Shame.

14. When Ridley Scott approached Fassbender to play an android in the upcoming Prometheus, he asked him to watch three films: "Most superficially The Man Who Fell to Earth, in which David Bowie plays an alien visitor whose lack of belonging eats away at him. More important were Lawrence of Arabia [which the actor watched on loop at one point] and the wonderful 1963 film The Servant, in which Dirk Bogarde plays a manservant to a rich, aimless Englishman."

15. "Obsessive repetition" helps him prepare for his film roles, even though he thinks it's "f*cking boring." He relies on instinct once the cameras start rolling.

16. He hated his hairstyle for Prometheus — modeled after Peter O'Toole — and thought he looked like a "five-pound rent boy. (Or, translated into American [lingo]: $8 male prostitute.)"

17. He loves eating oysters in the morning.

18. He cooks for his girlfriends, and lately he's been "seeing" Shame co-star Nicole Beharie.

19. He hates when waiters try to snatch your plate away too early.

20. David Cronenberg thinks the actor is "annoyingly cheerful."

21. He likes to live simply.

22. His father Googles him a lot.

23. The story about a fan vomiting on his shoes isn't true.

24. Charlize Theron thinks his penis is a "revelation." He thinks she has a "pretty filthy mouth."

25. Fassbender took a six-week motorcycle trip through Europe with his dad and old school pal. They talked about taking the trip for 10 years and only recently did it.

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