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Meatballs Details


Set at a low-end summer camp and aimed squarely at a teen audience, Meatballs is a light screwball comedy that turned its low-budget Canadian roots into a very profitable box-office run. The biggest reason for the film's success is Bill Murray who stars as Tripper, the head counselor who runs things at Camp Northstar with the help of his love interest Roxanne (Kate Lynch) and the camp's director Morty (Harvey Atkins), who is affectionately known as Mickey. Camp opens with Tripper and Morty preparing the misfit counselors-in-training -- Spaz, Fink, Crockett, A.L., Candace, Wendy, and Wheels among them -- for the arrival of their hyperactive little charges. After settling in, kids and counselors begin their activities with a soccer game in which depressed 11-year-old Rudy (Chris Makepeace) accidentally loses the game. Cast out by the other children, Rudy runs away only to come across Tripper, who befriends the boy and makes him his running partner. Romance, sexy fun, and comic hijinx -- usually with the heavy-sleeping Morty as their target -- lead up to an annual Olympiad in which Camp Northstar battles the wealthier and athletically superior residents of Camp Mohawk. The challenging events include cup stacking, potato-sack racing, and a nauseating hot dog-eating contest in which the portly Fink devours his way to victory. With the two-day event tied up, it comes down to the cross-country run, in which Tripper enters Rudy. Meatballs was the first major directorial effort by multi-talented filmmaker Ivan Reitman, whose name has since become synonymous with the comedy genre. ~ Patrick Legare, Rovi

  • Release date:June 28, 1979


Awarded by
Genie Awards Harvey Atkin Best Supporting Actor 1980 Nominee
Genie Awards Len Blum Best Original Screenplay 1980 Winner
Genie Awards Richard Lightstone Best Sound 1980 Nominee
Genie Awards Bill Murray Best Actor - Foreign 1980 Nominee
Genie Awards Ivan Reitman Golden Reel Award 1980 Winner
Genie Awards Chris Makepeace Best Supporting Actor 1980 Nominee
Genie Awards Daniel Goldberg Best Original Screenplay 1980 Winner
Genie Awards Daniel Goldberg Golden Reel Award 1980 Winner
Genie Awards Debra Karen Best Editing 1980 Nominee
Genie Awards Gary Bourgeois Best Sound 1980 Nominee


Bill Murray
as Tripper
Harvey Atkin
as Morty
Russ Banham
as Crockett
Jack Blum
as Spaz
Sarah Torgov
as Candace
Chris Makepeace
as Rudy
Cindy Girling
as Wendy
Todd Hoffman
as Wheels
Margot Pinvidic
as Jackie
Matt Craven
as Hardware
Norma dell'Agnese
as Brenda
Michael Kirby
as Eddy
Ron Barry
as Lance
Vince Guerriero
as Rhino
Heather Preece
as Patti
Alison Diver
as Carla
Valerie Fersht
as Liza
Hadley Kay
as Bradley
Ruth Rennie
as Jody
Larry Solway
as Interviewer
Ruth Rennie
as Jody


Ivan Reitman
Ivan Reitman
Andre Link
John Dunning
Harold Ramis
Len Blum
Don Wilder
Norman Gimbel
Elmer Bernstein
Composer (Music Score)
Elmer Bernstein
Debra Karen
Andre Link
Executive Producer
John Dunning
Executive Producer
Judith R. Gellman
Costume Designer
Gary Bourgeois
Sound/Sound Designer
Richard Lightstone
Sound/Sound Designer
Norman Gimbel
Don Carmody
Production Executive