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A man looks for a way to get even with the sibling who has stolen away the woman he loves in this independent comedy drama from writer and director Bryan Poyser. Paul (Alex Karpovsky) and Rudy (Chris Doubek) are brothers who are also both writers, though their careers are on opposite ends of the spectrum of success; Paul has authored a series of fantasy novels for kids that have made him a very wealthy man, while Rudy's bitter and more personal work makes no inroads into the marketplace. Rudy is envious of his brother's good fortune, in part because he helped him come up with the characters for his stories when they were children. Rudy does have one thing that Paul wants, however -- Rudy's wife, Diana (Heather Kafka), who is disenchanted with her husband's dour attitude and money troubles and wants a divorce. After Diana finally kicks Rudy out of their home, he's reduced to living out of his car until Paul takes pity on him and pays for an extended stay at a hotel. What Rudy doesn't know is that Paul has given him a place to stay so he can invite Diana on a getaway to a luxury ski resort in Utah. Once Rudy catches on that Paul is seducing his ex-wife, Rudy makes his way to Utah and sneaks into their chalet, following their movements as he plots his revenge. Lovers of Hate received its world premiere at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival -- fitting, since Poyser shot the Utah sequences in Park City while attending the Sundance Festival in 2009 (using the bungalow where he and a number of other Austin, TX filmmakers were staying as the set for Paul and Diana's love nest). ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:February 11, 2011


Awarded by
Independent Spirit Awards Megan Gilbride John Cassavetes Award 2010 Nominee
Independent Spirit Awards Bryan Poyser John Cassavetes Award 2010 Nominee


Bryan Poyser
Megan Gilbride
Bryan Poyser
Kevin Bewersdorf
Composer (Music Score)
Bryan Poyser
Chris Ohlson
Jay Duplass
Executive Producer
Mark Duplass
Executive Producer
Athina Rachel Tsangari
Executive Producer