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Johnny Tootall Details


A man struggles to reconnect with his family and community as he deals with the scars of war in this independent drama from writer and director Shirley Cheechoo. Johnny Tootall (Adam Beach) is a Native North American from Vancouver who joined the military when he found himself unable to handle his responsibilities at home. Johnny ended up serving as a soldier in Bosnia, and the war and devastation he witnessed has had a lasting impact on him; he's especially haunted by the death of a young boy he killed in battle. When his hitch is over, Johnny comes home and has to face the loose ends he left behind -- his girlfriend, Serena (Alex Rice), the members of his tribe, and especially his brother, RT (Nathaniel Arcand). RT is a scruffy political activist who long found himself at odds with Johnny, and the returning soldier discovers RT is in the midst of a campaign to save the sacred land of their people. RT wants Johnny to help him in this fight to save their culture, but as Johnny struggles to sort out his demons, he wonders how much he can really do for others. Johnny Tootall was named Best Feature Film at the 2006 Native American Film Festival. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi