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Johnny Mad Dog Details


A vicious child soldier armed with weapons of death and willing to use them at the slightest provocation serves as the focal point for this drama highlighting the need for greater humanity in a country ravaged by absurd wars. Johnny is a fifteen year old soldier with a small commando unit, and together this team robs, pillages, and kills everyone and everything in their path. Laokolé is a sixteen year old girl who spirits her disabled father around on a ramshackle wheelbarrow and looks after her eight year old brother Fofo while dreaming of ways to leave the city and build a better future. As Johnny advances and Laokolé falls back, miniature warlords leading diminutive armies kill each other over such trivialities as misplaced words or television sets. What will it take to ensure that no more childhoods are cut tragically short? ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi


Christopher Minie
as Johnny Mad Dog
Dagbeh Tweh
as No Good Advice
Barry Chernoh
as Small Devil
Mohammed Sesay
as Butterfly
Joseph Duo
as Never Die


Benoit Jaubert
Mathieu Kassovitz
Jacques Fieschi
Emmanuel Dongala
Book Author
Marc Koninckx
Stephane Elmadjian
Alexandre Vivet
Production Designer
Elisa Larriere
Executive Producer
Les Kouz
Sound/Sound Designer
Yves Comeliau
Sound/Sound Designer

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