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Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back Details


The frequently recurring title characters, employed by writer and director Kevin Smith as supporting players in several of his films, are put to rest with this comedy that focuses on them exclusively. Jay (Jason Mews) and Silent Bob (Smith) are a pair of stoned New Jersey slackers who have long been used as the templates for a pair of popular comic book heroes, Bluntman and Chronic. When they learn that their alter egos are to be turned into a major motion picture without their consent or compensation, the pair sets off for Hollywood to sabotage the production. Along the way, they encounter an ape, a nun (Carrie Fisher), the cast of Scooby-Doo, a Charlie's Angels-style band of sexy women who use them as stool pigeons in a diamond heist, and an unhinged wildlife ranger (Will Ferrell). They also meet up with some regulars from the Smith canon, including Alyssa Jones (Joey Lauren Adams), Brian O'Halloran as Dante Hicks, Jason Lee as Banky Edwards, Alanis Morissette as God, and actors Ben Affleck and Matt Damon in dual roles as themselves and two other familiar characters. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back co-stars numerous other recognizable performers in roles of various sizes, including Shannen Doherty, Jason Biggs, James Van Der Beek, Shannon Elizabeth, Tracy Morgan, Judd Nelson, Chris Rock, and George Carlin, among others. ~ Karl Williams, Rovi

  • Release date:August 24, 2001


Kevin Smith
as Silent Bob
Jason Mewes
as Jay
Shannen Doherty
as Herself
Ben Affleck
as Himself
Ben Affleck
as Holden McNeil
James Van Der Beek
as Himself/Bluntman
Jason Biggs
as Himself/Chronic
Matt Damon
as Himself
Matt Damon
as Will Hunting
Joey Lauren Adams
as Alyssa Jones
Shannon Elizabeth
as Justice, the Jewel Thief
Eliza Dushku
as Sissy, the Jewel Thief
Carrie Fisher
as A Nun
Gavin Brooks
as Baby Jay
Tracy Morgan
as Pumpkin Escobar (L.A. Drug-Dealer)
John Willyung
as Passerby
Jake Richardson
as Teen #1
Scott Mosier
as Willam Black/Production Assistant
Nick Fellinger
as Teen #2
Ali Larter
as Chrissy, the Jewel Thief
Diedrich Bader
as Miramax Studios Security Guard
Jason Lee
as Banky Edwards/Brodie Bruce
George Carlin
as Hitchhiker
Jeff Anderson
as Randal Graves
Emily O'Donnell
as Cop
Dwight Ewell
as Hooper X
Wes Craven
as Himself
Will Ferrell
as Federal Wildlife Marshall Wilenholly
Ever Carradine
as Jay's Mother
Alanis Morissette
as God
Jane Silvia
as Bookish Girl
Jamie Kennedy
as Chaka's Production Assistant
Chris Rock
as Chaka, Film Director
Carmen Llywellyn
as Beauty
Jules Asner
as Herself
Judd Nelson
as Utah Police Chief
Brian O'Halloran
as Dante Hicks
Jennifer Schwalbach Smith
as Missy, the Jewel Thief
Seann William Scott
as Brent
Steven Anthony Lawrence
as The Kid In The Helmet
Dan Etheridge
as Deputy
Eric Winzenreid
as Cop #1
Mark Hamill
as Cock-Knocker
Jonathan Gordon
as Cop #2
Adam Carolla
Marc Blucas
as Fred of the Scooby Gang
Tom Dorfmeister
as Cop #5
Jon Stewart
as Reg Hartner (News Anchor)
Merritt Hicks
as Hooker #2
Gregory Owen
as William Dusky
Harley Quinn Smith
as Baby Silent Bob
Joe Quesada
as Pizza Delivery Guy
Paul Dini
as Clapper/Loader ("Bluntman & Chronic")
Walter Flanagan
Bryan Johnson
as Hooker #1
Brian Lynch
David Mandel
Amy Noble
as Baby Bob's Mother
Vincent Pereira
as Customer
Joseph D. Reitman
as AD ("Bluntman & Chronic")
Morris Day
Joseph D. Reitman
as AD ("Bluntman & Chronic")
Bryan Johnson
as Hooker #1
Harley Quinn Smith
as Baby Silent Bob
Vincent Pereira
as Customer
Amy Noble
as Baby Bob's Mother
Joe Quesada
as Pizza Delivery Guy
Paul Dini
as Clapper/Loader ("Bluntman & Chronic")


Kevin Smith
Laura Greenlee
Scott Mosier
Kevin Smith
Jamie Anderson
James L. Venable
Composer (Music Score)
Scott Mosier
Kevin Smith
Christine Sheaks
Monica Hampton
Post Production Supervisor
Vincent Guastini
Makeup Special Effects