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Henry's Crime Details


A man who was wrongly accused of bank robbery decides to live up to his criminal record in this romantic crime comedy starring Keanu Reeves, James Caan, and Vera Farmiga. Henry (Reeves) was drifting through life as a toll collector in Buffalo, NY, when one morning he happened across a half-baked bank heist. Unwittingly drawn into the harebrained plan, Henry eventually lands in jail for refusing to identify the robbers, and lands in a cell with amiable con artist Max (Caan), who has grown rather comfortable with life behind bars. According to Max, a man must first have a dream in order to find his purpose, and one year later Henry is a free man with an audacious plan. Since he's already on record as a convicted bank robber, Henry figures he may as well try his hand at the criminal lifestyle. After stumbling across an old underground bootlegger tunnel that connects the bank to an adjacent theater, Henry convinces Max to apply for parole in order to help him execute the perfect robbery. Posing as an actor, Henry lands the lead role in the theater's production of Chekhov's The Cherry Orchard, and begins working with Max to burrow their way into the nearby bank vault. But now the more time Henry spends in the theater, the harder he finds himself falling for his capricious co-star Julie (Farmiga), a development that could very well land them all in jail before the final curtain. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

  • Release date:April 8, 2011


Keanu Reeves
as Henry Torne
Vera Farmiga
as Julie Ivanova
James Caan
as Max Saltzman
Peter Stormare
as Darek Millodragovic
Bill Duke
as Frank
Judy Greer
as Debbie Torne
Fisher Stevens
as Eddie Vibes
Danny Hoch
as Joe
Drew McVety
as Detective
Tim Snay
as Judge
Carlos Pizarro
as Hector
Chris Cardona
as Prison Guard
Steve Beauchamp
as Other Inmate #2
Currie Graham
as Simon
David Costabile
as Arnold
Jordan Gelber
as Trofimov
Ken Marks
as Gayev
Gideon Banner
as Yasha
Julie Ordon
as Anya
Paul F. O'Brien
as Parole Reviewer
James Hindman
as Mr. Tuttle
Guy Boyd
as Bernie
Peter Appel
as Larry
David Bishins
as Interrogation Detective


Malcolm Venville
Lemore Syvan
Jordan Schur
Sacha Gervasi
Screen Story
Sacha Gervasi
Blake Leyh
Musical Direction/Supervision
Curtiss Clayton
Chris Jones
Production Designer
Geoffrey Taylor
Associate Producer
Jake Hoffman
Associate Producer
Scott Fischer
Executive Producer
Mark Fischer
Executive Producer
Stephen Hays
Executive Producer
Sacha Gervasi
Executive Producer
Cassian Elwes
Executive Producer
Peter Graham
Executive Producer
Lisa Wilson
Executive Producer
Melissa Toth
Costume Designer
Laura Hyman
Set Decorator
John M. Tyson
First Assistant Director
Chris Gebert
Sound Mixer
Cindy Tolan
Colleen Callaghan
Department Head Hair
Diane Hounsell
Script Supervisor
Douglas Crosby
Stunts Coordinator
Drew Jiritano
Special Effects Coordinator
Jonathan Shoemaker
Line Producer
Jonathan Shoemaker
Unit Production Manager
Lemore Syvan
Unit Production Manager
Maya Hardinge
Department Head Makeup