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Unlike other feature-length versions of European TV miniseries, Heimat loses nothing in its translation to the big screen. It was 15 1/2 hours on TV, and remained 15 1/2 hours in theatres! Produced for German television over a 5-year period, Heimat details the turbulent years between 1919 and 1982 through the eyes of the citizens of a small, fictional German village. The central character is Marita Breuer, who matures from a fresh-faced teen to a wrinkled, grim-visaged survivor of the best and the worst life has to offer. The final sequences, far removed from such traumatic collective experiences as the inflation of 1923 and the war of the 1940s, tend to be more sentimental than the earlier passages, but are no less masterfully handled by director Edgar Reitz. Also worth noting is cinematographer Gernot Roll's creative use of color, often switching between hues and monochrome within a scene for dramatic impact. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Marita Breuer
as Maria Simon
Dieter Schaad
as Paul Simon(old man)
Michael Lesch
as Paul Simon(young man)
Karin Rasenack
as Lucie Simon
Gertrud Bredel
as Katarina Simon
Eva-Maria Schneider
as Marie-Goot
Wolfram Wagner
as Mäthes-Pat
Karin Kienzler
as Pauline Simon
Arno Lang
as Robert Kröber
Mathias Kniesbeck
as Anton Simon(older man)
Markus Reiter
as Anton Simon(young man)
Rolf Roth
as Anton Simon(teenager)
Michael Kausch
as Ernst Simon(older man)
Roland Bongard
as Ernst Simon(younger man)
Ingo Hoffman
as Ernst Simon(teenager)
Peter Harting
as Hermann Simon(older man)
Johannes Lobewein
as Alsois Wiegand
Gertrud Sherer
as Martha Wiegand
Gabriele Blum
as Lotti Schirmer
Johannes Metzdorf
as Fritz Pieritz
Marlies Assmann
as Appolonia
Gudrun Landgrebe
as Klärchen Sisse
Helga Bender
as Martina
Joachim Bernhard
as Pollak
Gerd Riegauer
as Gschrey
Jörg Hube
Rudolf Wessely
Kurt Wolfinger
William Berger


Edgar Reitz
Edgar Reitz
Hans Kwiet
Joachim von Mengershausen
Edgar Reitz
Gernot Roll
Nikos Mamangakis
Composer (Music Score)
Heidi Handorf
Franz Bauer
Art Director
Inge Richter
Executive Producer
Franz Bauer
Set Designer