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Goddess of Lost Lake Details


Mary Thorne (Louise Glaum) is the quarter-breed daughter of prospector Marshall Thorne (Joseph J. Dowling). She has just returned from college and when a pair of hunters, Mark Hamilton (W. Lawson Butt) and Chester Martin (Hayward Mack), come along, she decides it would be fun to dress in native garb and fool them. Both men find themselves attracted to her, even though Indians were taboo for whites in the racist days of the 1910s. But when she hears Martin making derisive remarks about her race, Mary returns to her father's house. Martin follows her to her bedroom and attacks her. Hamilton comes to the rescue and when he sees her room, he realizes that she is a woman of culture and education,. He's angry, however, that Mary fooled him and he leaves. Mary's father, meanwhile, is off in search of gold, which lies -- so legend has it -- at the bottom of Lost Lake. The legend also says that a white man who once stole some of this gold killed an Indian prince and that a white man's blood must fall before anymore gold can be taken. Thorne pays the price, and the gold is left for Mary. Hamilton, who can't forget her, comes back and they are reunited. ~ Janiss Garza, Rovi