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Fool's Paradise Details


Although this expensive drama was "suggested by" a short story, The Laurels and the Lady, by Leodard Merrick, one can't help but think filmmaker Cecil B. DeMille would not be satisfied until he made it completely his own. After returning from World War I, Arthur Phelps (Conrad Nagel) meets Poll Patchouli, a cantina girl (Dorothy Dalton), in a Mexican border town. She falls in love with him and it pains her to see that he has become infatuated with another dancer, Rosa Duchene (Mildred Harris). Phelps is blinded by an exploding cigar and Poll impersonates Rosa so he will marry her. A surgeon restores his sight, and when he sees that he has wed Poll, he angrily leaves her in search of Rosa. Phelps goes halfway around the world and finds Rosa in Siam, where she has won the admiration of Prince Talaat-Noi (John Davidson). She callously tosses her glove into a pit of alligators and bids the man who really loves her to fetch it. The Prince dives in and is injured; Phelps saves him from being eaten. Both men realize that Rosa is faithless, and Phelps returns home to Poll. ~ Janiss Garza, Rovi


Mildred Harris
as Rosa Duchene
Conrad Nagel
as Arthur Phelps
John Davidson
as Prince Talaat-Ni
Julia Faye
as Samaran, His Chief Wife
Clarence Burton
as Manuel
Guy Oliver
as Briggs
Jacqueline Logan
as Girda


Cecil B. DeMille
Cecil B. DeMille
Alvin Wyckoff
Anne Bauchens