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Dr. Terror's House of Horrors Details


Not to be confused with David Hewitt's abominable David Hewitt (AKA David Hewitt), this clever horror omnibus is one of the better early anthologies from Amicus Productions, thanks to Freddie Francis' stylish direction and a tongue-in-cheek approach from writer Milton Subotsky (who would later apply the same sardonic treatment to the EC Comics-based productions Milton Subotsky and Milton Subotsky). The framing story is set in a train car, where five passengers have their fortunes told by the all-seeing Dr. Schreck (Peter Cushing), who refers to his ominous tarot deck as his "House of Horrors." Their respective stories involve all manner of occult happenings: a jazz musician's involvement with a voodoo curse; an estate haunted by a werewolf; a doctor (Donald Sutherland) who suspects that his wife has become a vampire; a cottage besieged by a monster kudzu vine; and the most entertaining segment, in which arrogant art critic Christopher Lee is avidly pursued by a snubbed artist's severed hand. In the end, it doesn't take a jaded horror buff to deduce Schreck's true identity or the ultimate destination of the train passengers, but it's a fun ride nonetheless. Not all of the stories work (the vampire story's "twist" ending is rather silly, the voodoo tale painfully dated), and the effects are generally sub-par, but Francis keeps the pace snappy throughout, giving the entire film a throwaway, Halloween spook-house feel. Hammer horror fans will certainly find this a keeper on the strength of Cushing and Lee's performances. ~ Cavett Binion, Rovi

  • Release date:February 28, 1965


Peter Cushing
as Dr. Sandor Schreck
Christopher Lee
as Franklyn Marsh
Roy Castle
as Bitt Bailey
Donald Sutherland
as Bob Carroll
Neil McCallum
as Jim Dawson
Max Adrian
as Dr. Blake
Edward Underdown
as Tod
Ursula Howells
as Deirdre
Peter Madden
as Caleb
Katy Wild
as Valda
Sarah Nicholls
as Carol Rogers
Jeremy Kemp
as Drake
Harold Lang
as Shine
Thomas Baptiste
as Dambala
Michael Gough
as Eric Landor
Isla Blair
as Pretty Girl
Jennifer Jayne
as Nicolle
Faith Kent
Kenneth Kove
Bernard Lee
as Hopkins
Ken Lynch
as Sammy Coin
Irene Richmond
Walter Sparrow
Christopher Carlos
Judy Cornwell
as Nurse
Hedger Wallace
as Surgeon
John Martin
Frank Forsyth
as Toastmaster
Ken Lynch
as Sammy Coin
Hedger Wallace
as Surgeon
Judy Cornwell
as Nurse
Bernard Lee
as Hopkins


Freddie Francis
Milton Subotsky
Milton Subotsky
Alan Hume
Tubby Hayes
Philip Martell
Musical Direction/Supervision
Elisabeth Lutyens
Composer (Music Score)
Thelma Connell
Bill Constable
Art Director
Buster Ambler
Sound/Sound Designer
Ted Samuels
Special Effects
Bert Batt
First Assistant Director
Boscoe Holder
Roy Ashton