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Vengeful youngsters punish naughty grown-ups from beyond the grave in this horror story from Russian writer and director Pavel Ruminov. Vera (Darya Charusha) is sitting in her car waiting for a light to change when a strange man jumps in and demands she drive away as fast as she can. The man tells Vera that he's being chased by angry spirits; hoping to calm him down, Vera goes to a diner with him, where he tells a strange story of three young girls who were killed by their mother. He claims the ghosts of the three siblings now wander the city, and have threatened to kill him if he does anything they consider evil over the next three days. Vera is able to get rid of the stranger, but when she meets up with a handful of friends later that night and tells them what happened, she doesn't know that the stranger has died, and that the spirits are not only real but are now following her, waiting to take her life and move on to her friends if she fails to live up to their standards. Mjertvie Docheri (aka Dead Daughters) received its North American premiere at the 2007 Los Angeles Film Festival; an American remake is expected to arrive in theaters in 2010. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi


Pavel Ruminov
Ruben Dishdishyan
Eduard Boyakov
Pavel Ruminov
Pavel Ruminov
Composer (Music Score)
Pavel Ruminov