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The Corpse Vanishes Details


Despite the typical Monogram drawbacks -- murky photography, stolid staging, ramshackle sets -- The Corpse Vanishes remains one of the more deliciously outrageous horror exercises of the 1940s. Bela Lugosi, as hammy as ever, stars as Dr. Lorenz, a European horticulturist whose octogenarian wife (Elizabeth Russell) needs fluids from the glands of young virgins to remain forever young and beautiful. Jumping to conclusions, the insane medico's rationale seems to be that the best place to find a virgin is at the altar. Consequently, seven young women are in short order poisoned by a mysterious orchid just before their "I do's" and brought in a catatonic state to Dr. Lorenz' mansion in Brookdale. Cub reporter Pat Hunter (Luana Walters) is on to the scheme and visits the Lorenz estate under the pretense of researching an article on orchids. With a typical sound-stage storm brewing up, she agrees to spend the night, and what a night it proves to be. Not only is poor Pat awakened by a visit from Dr. Lorenz' slobbering, hunchbacked helper, Angel (Frank Moran, who stalks her while eating a drumstick), the reporter is also slapped in the face by the disagreeable countess, snubbed by a nasty dwarf (Angelo Rossitto), and nearly suffers the same fate as the poor brides when rescued in the nick of time by an enraged housekeeper (Minerva Urecal) and her boyfriend, Dr. Foster (Tristram Coffin). ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi


Bela Lugosi
as Dr. Lorenz
Luana Walters
as Pat Hunter
Tristram Coffin
as Dr. Foster
Elizabeth Russell
as Countess Lorenz
Minerva Urecal
as Fagah
Kenneth Harlan
as Keenan
Vince Barnett
as Sandy
Frank Moran
as Angel
George Eldredge
as Mike
Angelo Rossitto
as Toby
George Eldredge
as Mike


Wallace W. Fox
Jack Dietz
Sam Katzman
Johnny Lange
Musical Direction/Supervision
Robert Golden
Barney A. Sarecky
Associate Producer
Glen Glenn
Sound/Sound Designer
Arthur Hammond
First Assistant Director