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Following his critically acclaimed , Miguel Arteta directs this perverse Miguel Arteta-esque comedy drama. Childhood best buddies Chuck and Buck are reunited after 18 years during the funeral of the latter's mother. Chuck (Chris Weitz who also produced Chris Weitz (1999)) is a button-down movie executive with a gorgeous blond fiancée, Carlyn (Beth Colt). By contrast, the intervening years do not seem to have matured Buck (Mike White) in the slightest -- he still plays with children's toys, throws bawling temper tantrums, and seems to be utterly at a loss at what to do after his mother's death. During the funeral, Buck greets his old friend with an oblivious joy that is hardly appropriate to the setting. Clearly expecting that the friendship will continue where it left off back during the Carter administration, Buck seems confused and sullen in the presence of Carlyn, a yucky girl. This jealousy turns more unnerving when, in midst of a brotherly hug, Buck makes a clumsy grope for Chuck's manhood. Disturbed and embarrassed, Chuck quickly leaves, but not before Carlyn politely suggests that Buck "visit us in L.A. sometime." Buck leaps at the chance and soon is packing up for California. He quickly degenerates from a silly, though pathetic annoyance to a lollipop-sucking stalker. Buck's bizarre attempts to renew his bond with Chuck and to consummate their relationship puts Chuck increasingly on edge and confronts the affluent yuppie with a past he'd just as soon forget. Chuck & Buck was one of the most talked about films at the 2000 Sundance Film Festival. ~ Jonathan Crow, Rovi

  • Release date:January 21, 2000


Awarded by
National Board of Review Lupe Ontiveros Best Supporting Actress 2000 Winner
Independent Spirit Awards Lupe Ontiveros Best Supporting Actress 2000 Nominee
Independent Spirit Awards Miguel Arteta John Cassavetes Award 2000 Winner
Independent Spirit Awards Miguel Arteta Best Director 2000 Nominee
Independent Spirit Awards Mike White Best Screenplay 2000 Nominee
Independent Spirit Awards Mike White Best Debut Performance 2000 Nominee


Miguel Arteta
Matthew Greenfield
Mike White
Chuy Chavez
Tony Maxwell
Composer (Music Score)
Joey Waronker
Composer (Music Score)
Jeff Betancourt
Renee Davenport
Production Designer
Beth Colt
Joana Vicente
Executive Producer
Elaine Montalvo
Costume Designer
Yehuda Maayan
Sound/Sound Designer