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Calendar Girl Details


Lots of guys used to dream about having a date with Marilyn Monroe, but three friends who are about to graduate from high school to go their separate ways try to make that fantasy a reality in this comedy, set in 1962. Roy (Jason Priestley), Ned (Gabriel Olds), and Scott (Jerry O'Connell) have been buddies since the age of six, when they were entered together in a Howdy Doody look-alike contest. With only a few weeks to go before they graduate from high school, Roy has impulsively joined the Army to get away from his abusive father, while Ned has discovered he's going to be a father, and Scott is still plagued by his pesky virginity. Wanting to enjoy their last few weeks of freedom, Roy "borrows" a wad of cash and a blue Galaxie 500 convertible from his former employers, repo men Arturo and Antonio Gallo (Kurt Fuller and Stephen Tobolowsky), and persuades his friends to join him as he heads to Hollywood. Roy wants to meet the woman of his dreams, Marilyn Monroe, whom he's learned is working on a new picture, Something's Got to Give. With the help of Roy's Uncle Harry (Joe Pantoliano), they locate Monroe's home and camp out at her gate, hoping to get a glimpse of the glamourous goddess. However, Roy breaks out a reefer to smoke while they attempt to stay up all night (tactical error number one: marijuana does not make you more alert!), and when she slips out without their noticing, the three end up on a mad chase to find Marilyn before she gets away. Meanwhile, the Gallo Brothers have noticed their car is gone, and they are determined to get it back, without much concern for the health or safety of the thief. Calendar Girl was Jason Priestley's first vehicle following his success on the television series Beverly Hills 90210. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:March 3, 1993


Jason Priestley
as Roy Darpinian
Gabriel Olds
as Ned Bleuer
Jerry O'Connell
as Scott "The Dood" Foreman
Joe Pantoliano
as Uncle Harvey Darpinian
Steve Railsback
as Roy's Father
Kurt Fuller
as Arturo Gallo
Stephen Tobolowsky
as Antonio Gallo
Emily Warfield
as Becky O'Brien
Michael Quill
as Photographer
Leslie Wing
as Ned's Mother
Sean Fitzgerald
as Roy - Age 6
Maggie Simman
as Becky - Age 6
Elizabeth Quill
as Howdy Doody Mom
Emily Whitesell
as Howdy Doody Mom
Sean Fox
as Ned--Age 12
Timothy Heath
as Scott - Age 12
Maxwell Caulfield
as Man in Bathrobe
Stephanie Anderson
as Marilyn Monroe
Christine Taylor
as Melissa Smock
Cortney Page
as Voice of Marilyn Monroe


John Whitesell
Penny Marshall
Elliot Abbott
Paul W. Shapiro
Tom Priestley Jr.
Hans Zimmer
Composer (Music Score)
Wendy Greene Bricmont
Bill Groom
Production Designer
Ron Smith
Production Designer
Sarah Knowles
Art Director
Amy Lemisch
Associate Producer
Mindi Toback
Set Designer
Dawn Snyder
Set Designer
Erica Phillips
Costume Designer