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A Wicked Woman Details


Helen Hayes reportedly turned down the opportunity to play the title role in this dreary melodrama about self-sacrificing motherhood; the opportunity, if that's the word, instead went to Viennese import Mady Christians. After killing her abusive husband (Paul Harvey) in self-defense, downtrodden Naomi Trice (Christians) dusts herself off and moves to another city with her four young children, vowing to pay for her crime when the youngsters are old enough to make their own way in life. Years later, Naomi is not only the proprietor of a successful dress designing business but is also courted by a kind newspaper editor, Pat Naylor (Charles Bickford). But when her oldest son Curtis (William Henry) is badly hurt in a fight with his sister's unsympathetic boyfriend (a very young Robert Taylor), Naomi vows to live up to her old promise if only he will pull through. The young man recovers and Naomi goes on trial for the murder of her husband but refuses to allow her children to give crucial testimony that may lead to an acquittal. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi


Jean Parker
as Rosanne
Charles Bickford
as Pat Naylor
Betty Furness
as Yancey
William Henry
as Curtis Trice
Jackie Searl
as Curtis as a Boy
Paul Harvey
as Ed Trice
Zelda Sears
as Gram Teague
Robert Taylor
as Bill Renton
Sterling Holloway
as Peter
DeWitt Jennings
as Sheriff


Charles J. Brabin
Harry Rapf
Florence Ryerson
Anne Austin
Book Author
Zelda Sears