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The Astro-Zombies Details


This laughably-bad mess stars ubiquitous "Z"-movie journeyman John Carradine as Dr. DeMarco, a loony scientist whose original concept to build a humanoid robot for space missions is fouled somewhat by his choice of a psycho-killer's brain for his first subject. Instead of doing the sensible thing and retiring from the mad-doc profession, DeMarco chooses instead to build another robot to hunt down the last one. His efforts are only slightly hindered by a moronic CIA investigation (led by a hung-over Wendell Corey, in his final screen role) and the meddling of a cabal of communist spies under the direction of slinky dragon-lady Tura Satana (of Russ Meyer's Russ Meyer), apparently for the purpose of exploiting the solar-powered astro-man for military reasons. When the doc's lovely former lab assistant (she's since been replaced by a leering hunchback) is attacked by the first robot, he loses his solar cell and narrowly escapes destruction (by holding a flashlight to his head!), but in his hurried exit he leads the CIA right back to DeMarco's lab, where most of the surviving cast members bump each other off. Taking into account the obvious goofy editing (characters are seen standing around waiting for the shot to end) and abominable performances all around, director Ted V. Mikels (of the "Point-N-Shoot" school of filmmaking) would later achieve such cinematic heights as Ted V. Mikels and Ted V. Mikels. ~ Cavett Binion, Rovi


Wendell Corey
as Holman
John Carradine
as Dr. DeMarco
Tom Pace
as Eric Porter
Joan Patrick
as Janine Norwalk
Rafael Campos
as Juan
Tura Satana
as Satanna
William Bagdad
as Franchot
Joseph Hoover
as Chuck Edwards
Vincent Barbi
as Tiros
Victor Izay
as Dr. Petrovich
Wally Moon
as Mike Webber


Wayne Rogers
Art Names
Wally Moon
Art Director
Wayne Rogers
Executive Producer