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A Matter of Time Details


Singer and actress Liza Minnelli teamed up with her father, legendary director Vincente Minnelli, to make this evocative drama. Nina (Liza Minnelli) is a popular film star who, in the midst of a press conference, finds herself remembering her life before her big break, when she worked as a chambermaid at an Italian hotel which had seen better days. In the course of her duties, Nina meets Countessa Sanziani (Ingrid Bergman), an aging and eccentric woman who regales Nina with tales of her glamorous younger days. As the Countessa tells her more stories of her days of wealth and adventure, Nina imagines herself living out the same exciting stories, and soon the Countessa encourages her to find the courage to live out her own dreams. A Matter Of Time also featured another family team-up; Ingrid Bergman's daughter Isabella Rossellini has a small part as a nun attending to the ailing Countessa. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi


Liza Minnelli
as Nina
Ingrid Bergman
as Countessa Sanziani
Charles Boyer
as Count
Spiros Andros
as Mario Morello
Tina Aumont
as Valentina
Amedeo Nazzari
as Tewfik
Fernando Rey
as Charles Van Maar
Isabella Rossellini
as Sister Pia
Geoffrey Coppleston
as Hotel Manager
Jean Mas
as Kaiser
Gabriele Ferzetti
as Antonio Vicari
Arnoldo Foa
as Pavelli
Orso Maria Guerrini
as Gabriele d'Orazio
Anna Proclemer
as Jeanne Blasto
Spiros Focas
Anna Proclemer
as Jeanne Blasto
Arnoldo Foa
as Pavelli
Orso Maria Guerrini
as Gabriele d'Orazio
Gabriele Ferzetti
as Antonio Vicari


Vincente Minnelli
Samuel Z. Arkoff
Jack H. Skirball
Edmund Grainger
John Gay
Geoffrey Unsworth
George Gershwin
Featured Music
John Kander
Composer (Music Score)
Veniero Colasanti
Production Designer
Arrigo Breschi
Set Designer
Basil Fenton-Smith
Sound/Sound Designer