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Tatsuya Nakadai Biography

  • Profession: Actor
  • Born: Dec 13, 1930
  • Died: Jan 1, 0001

Svelte leading man Tatsuya Nakadai has worked with some of the most respected directors in Japan during his 50-year acting career. His first notable role was as the hero of [[Performer~P97736~Masaki Kobayashi~masakikobayashi]]'s trilogy, Ningen No Joken (The Human Condition). Completing the trilogy in 1961, he became an international star and began a longtime collaboration with legendary director [[Performer~P98309~Akira Kurasawa~akirakurosawa]]. In [[Feature~V55840~Yojimbo~yojimbo]], he played the villainous foil to leading man [[Performer~P49015~Toshiro Mifune~toshiromifune]], a position he would often repeat throughout his career. Though he would continue to work with [[Performer~P97736~Kobayashi~masakikobayashi]] throughout the '60s for [[Feature~V27783~Kwaidan~kwaidan]], [[Feature~V94319~Harakiri~harakiri]], and [[Feature~V107368~Rebellion~samurairebellion]], he also worked under director [[Performer~P113890~Hiroshi Teshigahara~hiroshiteshigahara]] for the moody Frankenstein story [[Feature~V16538~The Face of Another~thefaceofanother]]. He began starring in several films from director [[Performer~P95358~Kon Ichikawa~konichikawa]], starti`ng with the docudrama [[Feature~V90510~Enjo~enjo]]. In the '70s, he did a string of films with director [[Performer~P92168~Hideo Gosha~hideogosha]] starting with the samurai film [[Feature~V93648~Goyokin~goyokin]]. During this time, actor [[Performer~P49015~Mifune~toshiromifune]] and director [[Performer~P98309~Kurosawa~akirakurosawa]] finally severed their ties after experiencing difficulties working together. [[Performer~P98309~Kurosawa~akirakurosawa]] waited for Nakadai to finish up on a theater project, seeing him as the only possible leading man to replace [[Performer~P49015~Mifune~toshiromifune]] for the starring double role in [[Feature~V26895~Kagemusha~kagemusha]] in 1980. [[Performer~P98309~Kurosawa~akirakurosawa]] picked him again as the lead for the King Lear counterpart role in the [[Performer~P314726~Shakespeare~williamshakespeare]]-inspired [[Feature~V40236~Ran~ran]]. Other than minor roles, he didn't work that much in the '90s after losing his wife of 40 years, Tomoe Ryu, which proved to be an experience that would inform his later work. After granting interviews to a few [[Performer~P98309~Kurosawa~akirakurosawa]] documentaries, Nakadai returned to leading man status for [[Feature~V272349~To Dance With the White Dog~todancewiththewhitedog]] in 2002, a drama about an elderly man coping with the loss of his wife. ~ Andrea LeVasseur, Rovi


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