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TV actor Tom Poston stars as Prof. Jonathan Jones in this early feature-film appearance, a standard comedy-fantasy oriented to the youngsters. The good professor has come into possession of "zotz," a coin that has three magical properties. It can either cause intense pain if its bearer points an accusing finger at an intended victim or it can make things move in slow-motion, with the right command. If the accusatory finger and the command are used simultaneously, the victim dies. Naturally, just about everyone wants this coin. The hapless professor is soon involved in problems at school, at the Pentagon, and worse yet, with a group of commie agents who have their own designs on the coin. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, Rovi


Tom Poston
as Prof. Jonathan Jones
Julia Meade
as Prof. Virginia Fenster
Jim Backus
as Horatio Kellgore
Fred Clark
as Gen. Bulliver
Cecil Kellaway
as Dean Updike
Zeme North
as Cynthia Jones
Margaret Dumont
as Persephone Updike
Carl Don
as Josh Bates
Mike Mazurki
as Igor
Jim Hawkins
as Jimmy Kellgore
Bart Patton
as Mr. Crane
Russ Whiteman
as Maj. Folger
Elaine Martone
as Secretary
Albert Glasser
as "Khrushchev"
Louis Nye
Judee Morton
as Miss Blakiston
Albert Glasser
as "Khrushchev"


William Castle
William Castle
Walter Karig
Book Author
Gordon Avil
Bernard Green
Composer (Music Score)