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The final film in his acclaimed Taisho trilogy, maverick filmmaker [[Performer~P119458~Seijun Suzuki~seijunsuzuki]] directs his bizarre, hallucinatory tale about the tortured inner world of famed 1920s painter Yumeji Takehisa. The film opens with Takehisa (played by former rock star [[Performer~P271576~Kenji Sawada~kenjisawada]]) at a garden party, entranced by a woman in a gloriously red kimono. He's utterly struck by her beauty and mystery, and also by the fact that she is standing on a tree branch and appears to have no face. At nights, he is plagued with dreams of dueling a faceless man in a frock. When his adversary is about to make his final lethal blow, Takehisa quickly wakes. Later, he ventures to scenic Kanazawa where he plans to meet his lover, Hikono ([[Performer~P306707~Masumi Miyazaki~masuminishikawa]]). Instead, he meets a recent widow named Tomoyo, whose husband, Wakiya ([[Performer~P30284~Yoshio Harada~yoshioharada]]), was slain by a murderously jealous man named Onimatsu. Feeling his act of rage was justifiable considering he discovered Wakiya in bed with his wife, Onimatsu is more than a little distraught when his would-be murder victim comes back to life sporting a blonde wig. Wanting to finish the job, Onimatsu chases Wakiya, while Takehisa seduces Tomoyo. ~ Jonathan Crow, Rovi


Kenji Sawara
as Takehisa Yumeji
Tomoko Mariya
as Tomoyo
Yoshio Harada
as Wakiya Sokichi


Seijun Suzuki
Genjiro Arato
Junichi Fujisawa

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