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Your Three Minutes Are Up Details


Beau Bridges plays an uptight insurance clerk. Ron Leibman plays Bridges' laid-back pal, who talks Beau into skipping work in order to drive Leibman to the airport. This little trip across town turns into an idyllic trek up the California coast. While Leibman wheels and deals in his efforts to con the Establishment, Bridges loosens up with several nubile females, totally forgetting his proper fiancee Janet Margolin. While it has all the earmarks of a typical "youth trip" film of the 1970s, Your Three Minutes Are Up scores with its believable characterizations and its perceptive view of California's mixed-up social values. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Beau Bridges
as Charlie
Larry Gelman
as Mr. Roberts
Ron Leibman
as Mike
Dave Ketchum
as Mr. Kellogg
Barbara Douglas
as Bun Warmer Girl
James Driskill
as Truck Driver
Michael Perrotta
as Waiter
Candace Howerton
as 1st Nurse
Stuart Nisbet
as Dr. Claymore
Jennifer Ashley
as Teenage Driver
Paul Barselou
as Gas Station Man
Kitty Carl
as Susan
Ronda Copland
as Sherry
Sylvia Hayes
as Elsie
Don Gazzaniga
as Repossession Man
Kathleen Freeman
as Mrs. Wilk
Barbara Sammeth
as Cindy
Sherry Miles
as Debbie
Carol Kristy
as Bank Teller
Lester Fletcher
as Clothing Salesman
Raymond Kark
as Messenger
Lynne Stewart
as Ibis Lady
Sam Nudell
as Tailor
Patti Shayne
as Waitress
June Fairchild
as Sandi
Rhodie Cogan
as Operator's Wife
Pat Houtchens
as Mr. Catto
Tom Moses
as Gas Station Attendent
Boyd "Red" Morgan
as Eddie Abruzzi
Janet Margolin
as Betty
Paul Lichtman
as Chef
Elizabeth Harding
as Josie
Leigh Heine
as Pharmacist
Nedra Volz
as Free Press Lady
Sherry Bain
as Sugar
Orville Sherman
as Mr. Sherman
James Dixon
as Howard


Jerry Gershwin
James Dixon
Stephen M. Katz
Dennis Lambert
Aaron Stell
Joseph Crowingham
Art Director
Jac McAnelly
Costume Designer
Alex Vanderkar
Sound/Sound Designer