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Yours for the Asking Details


In this crime comedy, a street-savvy gangster involves himself with a Miami socialite. Together, they conspire to turn her familial mansion into a secret gambling casino. The hood is convinced her beauty will draw customers and with the ensuing profits, the two will be able to pay their debts. Unbeknownst to him, his own gang members, fearing that he will abandon his "roots" in favor of the high-life, are conspiring to break up his partnership with the girl. They hire two grifters to impersonate a British colonel and his niece; they then try to convince the hood that he and the high-society dame are a bad match. When the gangster meets the "niece," he falls head-over-heels in love and forgets all about the socialite. When she, who is really after his money, returns his affections, the gang suddenly realizes that their scheme has backfired. Fortunately, by the story's end, the hood figures it all out and returns to the loyal socialite whose love remained undaunted. ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi


George Raft
as Johnny Lamb
Ida Lupino
as Gert Malloy
Reginald Owen
as Dictionary McKinney/Colonel Evelyn
James Gleason
as Saratoga
Lynne Overman
as Honeysuckle
Edgar Kennedy
as Bicarbonate
Robert Gleckler
as Slick Doran
Louis Natheaux
as Dealer
Walter Walker
as Mr. Crenshaw
Huntly Gordon
as Clark Bering
Betty Blythe
as May
Olive Tell
as Woman
Jean Fowler
as Woman
Bess Flowers
as Woman
Dolores Costello
as Lucille Sutton
Charlie Ruggles
as Sunbather on Beach
Phillips Smalley
as Man
Charles Requa
as Mr. Ames
Rosemary Theby
as Woman
Henry Roquemore
as Potbellied Man
Harry C. Bradley
as Art dealer
Richard "Skeets" Gallagher
as Perry Barnes
Groucho Marx
as Sunbather
Dennis O'Keefe
as Man
Francis Sayles
as Waiter
John Byron
as Chauffeur
Albert Pollet
as Head Waiter
Marie Wells
as Girl


Eve Greene
Harlan Ware
Philip MacDonald
Theodor Sparkuhl
Roland Anderson
Art Director
Hans Dreier
Art Director