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You Belong to Me Details


A daffy romantic comedy released in Great Britain under the title Good Morning Doctor, this film reunites the two stars of [[Feature~V28051~The Lady Eve~theladyeve]]. [[Performer~P24097~Henry Fonda~henryfonda]] plays Peter Kirk, a wealthy but bored playboy who has a skiing accident while admiring a beautiful woman. The woman turns out to be a doctor, Helen Hunt ([[Performer~P67643~Barbara Stanwyck~barbarastanwyck]]), who treats the injuries to his rear end. The two fall in love and marry. But Peter, who has too much time on his hands, becomes jealous of his wife's time with her male patients. Helen makes him look for a job to keep him from stewing. Because he has no experience, the only position that Peter can get is as a department store clerk. The other workers there discover that he's a millionaire and force him to leave, causing him to rethink how he is going to spend his free time. ~ Michael Betzold, Rovi


Barbara Stanwyck
as Helen Hunt
Henry Fonda
as Peter Kirk
Edgar Buchanan
as Billings
Roger Clark
as Vandemer
Ruth Donnelly
as Emma
Melville Cooper
as Moody
Ralph Peters
as Joseph
Maude Eburne
as Ella
Renie Riano
as Minnie
Mary Treen
as Doris
Gordon Jones
as Robert Andrews
Georgia Backus
as Attendant
Howard Hickman
as Superintendent
Harold Waldridge
as Smithers
Arthur Loft
as Reporter
Jeff Corey
Paul Harvey
as Barrows
George Meader
as Doctor
Jack Norton
as Keckel
Sam McDaniel
as Porter
Sidney Bracey
as Butler
William Newell
as Parking Attendant
Lester Dorr
as Photographer
Larry Parks
as Blemish
Byron Foulger
as Delaney
Grady Sutton
as Clerk
Charles B. Smith
as Boy
Lloyd Bridges
as Ski Patrol
Fritz Feld
as Desk Clerk
Barbara Brown
as Woman
Eloise Hardt
as Blondie
Sarah Edwards
as Mrs. Snyder
George Lessey
as Marshall
Mira McKinney
as Lipstick Woman


Wesley Ruggles
Wesley Ruggles
Claude Binyon
Joseph Walker
Frederick Hollander
Composer (Music Score)
Morris W. Stoloff
Musical Direction/Supervision
Viola Lawrence
Edith Head
Costume Designer
Dalton Trumbo
Short Story Author